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419 NEWS

4 Fury at Royal Mail price hikes Direct mail industry reacts to massive mailing cost hikes.

5 Half of companies risk data breach Half of the UK’s businesses are at risk of suffering serious data breaches.

6 Poor data costing UK firms UK firms are losing £1 for every £6 they spend through poor data quality.

7 Appointments digest A round up on the latest industry movers and shakers.

8 Letters The latest reader submitted letters. 9 Forthcoming events

A selection of upcoming database marketing-related events.


10 Opinion Monetising the database MARK PATRON

Why do some companies monetise their databases much more efficiently than others?

12 Cover story Charity marketing ANTONY BEGLEY

The recession helps drive charity marketers to up their game.

16 Software review LifecycleMAGIQ JAMES LAWSON

Under the hood of Magiq’s powerful new real-time behavioural targeting tool.

19 PROFILING THE INDUSTRY SPECIAL Part 2 of a series of articles examining some of the key players in the industry. This time we profile: Adroit Data & Insight Callcredit Information Group The Data Partnership G2 Joshua


28 Data Mining ANTONY BEGLEY New tools mean that complex data mining is now more accessible than ever for marketers.

28 Suppression ANTONY BEGLEY

The latest news, views and opinions from the world of data quality suppression.

35 Customer Loyalty JAMES LAWSON With mobile now near ubiquitous, the opportunities to use the channel to drive loyalty are increasingly attractive.

39 Call It Like You See It GARY ANGEL

Despite the hype surrounding Pinterest, the latest social media trend offers huge potential for marketers.


Antony Begley, Managing Editor

Digging into the charity marketing sector for this month’s cover story was a fascinating pursuit. Charity marketing has long been a happy hunting ground for database marketers, content to put their analytical skills to work for a good cause on a (relatively) willing audience. So it was interesting to explore how the not-for-profit sector has coped in the teeth of the recession. And the answer, in a nutshell, is not too badly at all, thank you very much. The revenue performance of most of the main UK charities is actually quite robust when you compare it to the extremely patchy performance of the UK’s private sector. Indeed, in my research for the piece, it became clear that many household name charities have been posting the sorts of year-on-year percentage growth figures that most of the FTSE 250 companies would be more than satisfied with. Why should that be? Is it simply that the UK is a nation enamoured of the charity donation? Is it part of our culture to be generous when it comes to those less fortunate? Or is it more to do with how focused and single-mindedly the wider charity marketing sector has pursued its goal of becoming a truly data-driven sector, making decisions based on solid, actionable insight? April 2012 3

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