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Pennsylvania State University, Applied Research Lab

Pennatronics Pennatronics is a customer-focused full-service Electronics Contract Manufacturer (ECM) specializing in complex builds and quick turnarounds for board assembly and box builds. When Pennatronics becomes your ECM, every aspect of our business revolves around your needs. We effectively become an extension of your manufacturing capabilities.

Dave Spehar 724.938.1800

The PA NanoMaterials Commercialization Center

The PA NanoMaterials Commercialization Center leverages the region’s Materials’ Industry, Centers and Universities to accelerate the commercialization of emerging nanotechnology development. The Center’s model is designed to partner with stakeholders and the outcome is a product and/or process prototype that has been cooperatively developed by and for the commercial and defense sectors. Each year, we help tech- nology providers match their development with the demand of market research and transform emerging technologies and research into new products, new companies, and growth of Pennsylvania’s materials sector. The Center has invested $5.7M, funded 33 projects, developed 49 technologies, created and retained 192 jobs in the past five years.

Leoné Hermans-Blackburn 412.918.4239

Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development

Pennsylvania’s Office of International Business Development (OIBD) is dedicated to helping commonwealth businesses develop viable world markets by offering unrivaled export services and expertise. With 21 international trade offices, covering more than 50 markets, Pennsylvania has the larg- est network of expert consultants of any state in the United States.

Jana New 717.265.7749

Greg Johnson/Brenda Kephart 814.865.3264

Pennsylvania State University Electro-Optics Center

The Electro-Optics Center (EOC), a proud part of The Pennsylvania State University, is a hybrid between the best components of a university and those of private industry. This relationship allows us access to the university’s researchers and scientists, its state-of-the-art facilities and leading edge research. Our staff, comprised primarily of former industry and DoD personnel, brings experience in exceeding sponsor and corporate expectations. Through the application of this hybrid model, the EOC is able to provide its sponsors with solutions that combine leading edge research with on-time and on-budget deliveries.

Brian Del Vecchio 724.925.7000

Penn State Tool & Die Corporation Specialist in Precision Machining and Fabrication since 1954, Penn State Tool & Die has been manufacturing specialized products for the U.S. Navy, Commercial Nuclear Markets, as well as other clients demanding specialized, High-Quality Products. Items manufactured by PSTD include: Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems, Weapons handling Systems, Navy and Commercial Nuclear Refueling Equipment and Naval and Commercial Reactor Components and Assemblies.

Ralph E. Ciacco 724.613.5500

Solving challenges for the U.S. Navy for more than 60 years, the Applied Research Laboratory at The Pennsylvania State University (ARL Penn State) has demonstrated innovation and practicality in technology-based research. ARL Penn State is one of four U.S. Navy academic research centers (UARCs). While ARL Penn State has served as a center of excellence in the undersea technology, it has also facilitated research in other areas to include air, ground and maritime surface systems. Partnering with industry for economic de- velopment, Penn State is second among U.S. universities in industrial R&D funding.

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