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11 Reasons to Invest in Montenegro 3. Strategic geographic location

About 500km from Rome, 1,500km from Paris, Berlin and about 2,000km from Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the very heart of Europe.

Two international airports: Podgorica and Tivat Sea ports: Bar, Kotor, Zelenika Ferry boat: Bar–Bari–Bar, Bar–Ancona–Bar Railway: Bar–Podgorica–Belgrade–Budapest Total length of roads: 6.000 km

Total length of railway: 330 km

Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting spots in the World. Even though it covers only around 14.000 km2

and it only has about 650,000 citizens,

its contribution to the World cultural heritage is impressive compared to its size. Montenegro is a southern European and a Mediterranean country. It is one of the most southern European states and it comes out on the south part of the Adriatic Sea. Its landscape combination of mountains, deep valleys, natural ice lakes, sandy beaches and attractive islands are breathtaking.

Montenegro borders with Italy (on the Adriatic sea), Serbia (to the East), Kosovo (to the East), Bosnia and Hercegovina (to the North), Albania (to the South) and Croatia (to the West). The border length is 614 km, while the coast length is 293 km. Due to its geographic location Montenegro has been and still is the meeting point of East and West. Geographic coordinates of extreme points are: North 43° 32’ (North latitude-NL) - 18° 58’ (East latitude - EL); South 42° 50’ NL - 19° 22’ EL; East 42° 53’ NL - 20° 21’ EL and West 42° 29’ NL - 18° 26’ EL. The country is located in the Middle Mediterranean or South East Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. Podgorica is the modern capital, while Cetinje is the old, royal capital.

With access to the Mediterranean Sea and having the Port of Bar as its most important south Adriatic port, this ilocation is a precondition for a prosperous life. The Port of Bar may be used as an interlinking route to Africa, the Middle East, India, Russia and Asia. Besides the Port of Bar there are three other international ports – Kotor, Risan and Zelenika. Air traffic, sea traffic and up to a certain extent railroad traffic are good linking networks for the country. An additional impact on the usage of a great location will be the new highway to Serbia as well as the Adriatic-Ionic highway that passes through Montenegro.

A key question of strategic location isn’t the location per se, rather the usage of that location. We are looking at our geographic location as a base for prosperity.

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11 Reasons to Invest in Montenegro 4. Hub for regional business

Why can Montenegro be your regional business hub? At very least for the following reasons:

a) Currency - we are using the euro. That means there is no hidden inflation and it is easy to calculate a consolidated balance sheet and income statements for your firms.

b) Openness – perhaps the most important factor of all. This country with its forward-thinking legislation and with straightforward, friendly people is very open to business with you.

c) Financial services – with 11 commercial banks, all of them private, doing business in Montenegro, the region and rest of the world is made easy.

d) Telecommunication – excellent connections with the rest of the world via optical cables, 3G Network and fast Internet-based service represent a good foundation for your business communication.

e) Connectivity - Flight connection: with daily flights to all regional capitals and major cities in Europe, it is easy to travel to Montenegro for business. Port of Bar: with favorable geographic position (42◦0` north latitude and 19◦05` east longitude), together with the railway line Belgrade-Bar and the road network represent a compatible traffic system that enables rational connections to the Port and its surrounding area.

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