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West Valley View, Avondale, Arizona, Tuesday, April 10, 2012


That’s Some Show Agua Fria H.S. theater students put on murder mystery dinner theater

by Emily McCann staff writer

Agua Fria High School’s spring theater production is kind of like the Inception of murder mystery dinner theaters. Instead of a dream within a dream, it’s a talk show within a talk show within a show. Confused yet? Don’t worry, because the audience will be given a chance to ask plenty of questions. The play, titled Some Show (About

a Murder), runs at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the school, 530 E. Riley Drive in Avondale. “I liked the concept that the name of

the show is Some Show,” theater teacher Linda Phillips said. “In fact, when I turned it in to the principal, she said she couldn’t approve it without a title. So I thought it was kind of catchy.”

Cost is $12 per person and includes a dinner buffet from Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. Seating is limited to 70 people per show, and tickets can be reserved by calling Phillips at 623-932- 7300, Ext. 11166.

The performance has 12 cast members and focuses on a talk show about future talk show hosts. Someone gets murdered, and the audience has to help find out who did it. “At some point the audience has to

vote, and I like how you can’t tell who the murderer is,” Phillips said. “I think that’s a little more fun for the audience, because it’s not so obvious who it is.” Characters include the Vegas lounge singing team of Shecky Scagnetti and Edie Buffet; new-age psychic Celeste Ethereal; home economist Phoebe St Self; and gossip columnist Gordon Bennet.

Sophomore Maya Patterson, 16, plays Nickie Rivers, who co-hosts the main talk show about talk show hosts. “It’s really interesting, because all these

crazy facts kind of come together,” Maya said.

During the show, cast members go into the audience and interact with the people in attendance. “They get to talk to the characters and

figure out from there,” Maya said. “They decide who they think did it, and I think it’s pretty cool that they get a say.” Since the cast doesn’t know what the audience will ask, they had to make up their entire life stories. “We have to think a little more about our characters, because the audience will be asking us questions,” junior Cassidy Rue, 16, said.

View photo by Ray Thomas

STEPHEN BARNEY, left, Logan Goulette and Maya Patterson run through their lines during rehearsal for Agua Fria High School’s dinner theater production of Some Show April 6. The play runs Wednesday through Friday.

Senior Chaed Ellison, 17, plays Scagnetti, the Vegas lounge singer who still thinks he’s a pretty big deal. “He’s one of those guys who is going through a mid-life crisis,” Chaed said. “He’s not what he used to be and nobody really likes him anymore, but he still thinks he’s top notch.” This is Chaed’s second year doing theater. He drifted away from it to play

sports for a while, but has since returned. “I came to a theater meeting and fell

in love with it again,” he said. “I missed the stage, and entertaining is kind of my thing.”

Acting takes a little extra effort when the audience is eating, but the cast has been working on how to draw people in and not get distracted, Chaed said. “Everyone’s usually in a good mood


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when they’re being fed, and they’re watching a play so it’s not bad,” he said. “There’s not too many plays where you get to shake the audiences’ hands and let them decide some things while the show’s going on.”

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