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4 - April 6, 2012 | Pelham - Windham News

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Windham Hosts Rally for Congressman Charlie Bass

Te Windham Republican Town Committee is pleased to host a multi Town rally for Congressman Charlie Bass to take place 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 10, at 49 Range Rd. in Windham. Tis event is sponsored by GOP Town committees

from the Southern NH tier. Windham Chairman Travis Blais urges area Republicans to join us for a show of support for Congressman Bass and to demonstrate the importance of the Southern Tier to NH Republican politics! If anyone has questions or wishes further information, please check out the Windham GOP Facebook page, or they may call Margaret Crisler 595- 7625.

Margaret Crisler, Windham

State Representatives Slap Down Hudson Voters

Recently, the Republican State Representatives from

Hudson showed us where they really stand – not with the residents of Hudson, but with NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien. Every 10 years, we change the House districts

to reflect changes in population shown in the U.S. census. Tis is always a rather political process, with both parties jockeying for advantages in electing representatives. However, this year, Speaker O’Brien and his supporters in the legislature, including all of Hudson’s representatives, have crossed the line to

blatantly disregard our laws, the NH Constitution, and the rights of the state’s citizens. In past redistricting plans, many towns and city

wards were combined into districts, which meant that the House members from those districts could not represent and vote for only the interests of their own towns. Ten, in 2006, the state voted clearly and overwhelmingly (70%; Hudson voted 72%) to amend the Constitution (Article II, 11) to require that towns or wards that are sufficiently large would get as many of their own representatives as their population deserved, and that any excess would be combined with the excess from other towns to create floterial districts. Tis year, the Republican leadership, which includes a number of Representatives from Hudson, chose to ignore our constitution, and deny a number of towns their own representatives. One of the most egregious examples is actually our own district, where Hudson and Pelham have been combined into a single joint district, when they should have had 7 and 4 representatives from their own towns, respectively. Our delegation recognized this problem, and

even voted for an amendment early on that would have corrected the problem. Unfortunately, that amendment was shot down by the O’Brien leadership, and our representatives gave in. Since then, all of our representatives, with one exception (Sean Doherty of Pelham), have stood with the O’Brien leadership instead of the citizens of our town. Governor Lynch recognized that this plan was clearly against the Constitution and the will of the citizens of the state, and vetoed the plan. Tis week, the legislature managed to override his veto. It is noteworthy that the override passed by only eight votes in the House. Had the nine representatives from Hudson stood with the

voters and not O’Brien, the override would have failed, and we would have had a chance to correct the most blatant problems with the Speaker’s plan. We are very sorry that our representatives have chosen to stand with Speaker O’Brien in opposition to the Governor and the people of Hudson.

Mary Ann and John Knowles, Hudson

Volunteers Needed for Strawberry Festival and Book Fair

April showers bring May flowers and those May

flowers mean strawberry season is not far behind. Even before the rains of April arrive, the Friends of the Library of Windham (FLOW) are actively planning this June’s Strawberry Festival and Book Fair. Tis year, the Festival is scheduled for Saturday, June 2, at Windham High School.

Tis annual community event would not be possible without the time and talents of the people of Windham. FLOW needs volunteers to help on numerous fronts including baking biscuits, cutting strawberries, painting kids’ faces, helping with the Book Fair, and the list goes on and on. Each year hundreds of individuals from our community make the Strawberry Festival possible for the thousands that attend the event. Volunteers can help in advance of the Festival or on the day of the Festival. No contribution of your time or talent is too small, and we have roles for people of all ages! For students, volunteering is a great way to complete your community service hour requirements. Te Festival is the primary fundraising event for the Nesmith Library. It helps to support the many

educational and cultural programs the library offers. So if you’ve ever taken advantage of all the wonderful things our town library offers you or your family, consider giving back by volunteering at the Festival this year! To volunteer please visit 10C054CAAA62BA64-volunteers. E-mail Strawberry Festival Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Simmons at for more information.

Kim Capici, FLOW - Windham

Many Braved the Cold for Windham’s Annual Egg Hunt On Saturday, March 31, the Town of Windham

Recreation Department hosted the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Despite the chilly weather, the event was well attended and enjoyed by all. I would like to thank Boy Scout Troop 266 for all their help for the event. Also thank you to: Michelle K, Nikita K., Lindsey M., Office Chris Van Hirtum, Debbie Mackenzie, Bill Brennan, Ralph Valentine, Glen Yergeau, Windham Maintenance Department, Windham Police Department, Windham Town Clerk, WCTV, Windham Presbyterian Church, and of course, the Easter Bunny.

Tanks to all who attended the festivities! Happy Spring! Cheryl Haas, Recreation Coordinator, Windham

New Hampshire Exports Holding Strong

submitted by Department of Resources and Economic Development

Exports of New Hampshire products fared well in 2011, totaling nearly $4.3 billion despite challenging economic conditions in some parts of the globe, according to a report from the state’s Office of International Commerce (OIC). The 2011 statistics show that exports were

down 1.69 percent from a year ago, but, said Tina Kasim, program manager for the OIC at the Department of Resources and Economic Development, 2010 was a record year for New Hampshire companies that sell their products overseas.

“Considering tough economic situations in

many parts of the world, we were anticipating a dip in the 2011 numbers,” she said. “The good news is that New Hampshire companies are doing well with their exports and the drop was less than we anticipated.”

New Hampshire goods sent overseas in 2011 totaled $4,293,384,673. In 2010, the record year, exports totaled $4,367,331,611, which was up more than 42 percent in 2009. Last year, New Hampshire’s largest trading partner was Mexico, where over $943 million worth of goods was sent. Canada was second, with over $648 million shipped and China was third, with $338 million shipped. Rounding out the top 10 countries were Germany, the United

DRA Intelliforms Released

submitted by NH Department of Revenue Administration NH Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) announces the release of the Tax Year 2011 Intelliforms. These intelligent forms pave the way for two roads to success: providing taxpayers with advanced capabilities to assist them in filling out their return; and giving DRA the ability to more efficiently process using scanning, Optical Character Recognition, and electronic deposit. These technological enhancements led by DRA will give taxpayers greater ease in filing and paying via e-file and alternate payment methods in 2013. Redesign of the 2011 forms resulted from extensive

collaboration with members of the NH Tax Bar, NH CPA Society, and vendors. These new forms may be filled out online and then printed for filing with DRA. DRA encourages taxpayers and tax practitioners to fill out the forms online as usage of the 2D barcode system allows DRA to achieve greater accuracy and productivity in returns processing. To obtain forms visit NH DRA’s Website at www.revenue. or call our forms line at 230- 5001. Feedback regarding any new tax form may be directed to

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Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, Japan and France. In the first month of 2012, Kasim said, Canada is New Hampshire’s leading trading partner. The top five commodities exported from the

Granite State are: Industrial machinery, including computers; electronics machinery, for sound and television equipment; medical devices; plastics and vehicle parts. Aerospace and aircraft parts are ninth. To further help promote the state’s aerospace

technologies, the OIC has secured a joint “Best of New England” booth with Maine and Vermont for the Farnborough Air Show in England this July, which is the world’s largest exhibition

of aerospace, defense, space and security technologies. There is space available for New Hampshire businesses that deal with this sector. Trade missions are made available through the Small Business Administration’s State Export and Trade Promotion grant. Two other trade missions are planned this year; to the Montreal Aerospace Cluster in September and an effort is underway to coordinate a mission to China later this year.

New Hampshire companies interested in participating in the trade missions should call Kasim at 271-8444.

New Hampshire

Casino Gambling – How They Voted

submitted by Rep. Andy Renzullo On Wednesday, March 28, the latest bill proposing casino gambling, HB-583, was rejected by the New Hampshire House. This was an important vote to Area News Group readers as two of the towns served by the Area News Group, Hudson and Salem, were favored to receive the two larger licenses proposed by the bill. There were two roll call votes. The most important vote was on the Ways and Means Committee amendment. The amendment would have allowed for 2 large casino licenses at a cost of $50 million each and 2 small casino licenses costing $20 million each. The amendment failed to pass: 154 Yes, 195 No. The area representatives voted on the main amendment as follows: Hillsborough 27, Hudson, Litchfield & Pelham Brownrigg, Randall: Nay Jasper, Shawn: Nay Gandia, Laura: Not Voting/ Excused

Lambert, George: Not

Voting/Not Excused Boehm, Ralph: Yea Christiansen, Lars: Yea Doherty, Shaun: Yea Haefner, Robert: Yea Maltz, Jonathan: Yea Ober, Lynne: Yea Ober, Russell: Yea Renzullo, Andrew: Yea Ulery, Jordan: Yea

Rockingham 4, Windham & Salem

Mauro, Donna: Nay Sytek, John: Nay Garcia, Marilinda: Not

Voting/Excused Okerman, Richard: Not

Voting/Excused Waterhouse, Kevin: Not

Voting/Excused Azarian, Gary: Yea

Bates, David: Yea Belanger, Ronald: Yea Bettencourt, David: Yea Elliott, Robert: Yea Griffin, Mary: Yea Kolodziej, Walter: Yea McMahon, Charles: Yea The defeat of the committee amendment left only the original bill for two $50 million casino licenses. That vote failed 118 Yes, 226 No. The area representatives voted on the original bill as follows: Hillsborough 27, Hudson, Litchfield & Pelham Gandia, Laura: Excused Brownrigg, Randall: Nay Jasper, Shawn: Nay Lambert, George: Nay Maltz, Jonathan: Nay Boehm, Ralph: Yea Christiansen, Lars: Yea Doherty, Shaun: Yea Haefner, Robert: Yea Ober, Lynne: Yea Ober, Russell: Yea Renzullo, Andrew: Yea Ulery, Jordan: Yea

Rockingham 4, Windham & Salem Garcia, Marilinda: Excused Okerman, Richard: Excused Waterhouse, Kevin: Excused

Mauro, Donna: Nay Sytek, John: Nay Azarian, Gary: Yea Bates, David: Yea Belanger, Ronald: Yea Bettencourt, David: Yea Elliott, Robert: Yea Griffin, Mary: Yea Kolodziej, Walter: Yea McMahon, Charles: Yea Proponents of expanded gaming had felt that the expected introduction of casinos into Massachusetts, and the predicted loss of $75 million in state revenues, might have changed the minds of enough State Representatives to get the bill passed.

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