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6 - April 6, 2012 | Salem Community Patriot

at the fi nal projects in this unit. Chorus is doing a marvelous job preparing for the Spring Show, “The Music and Story of Mary Poppins.” Students will be performing on May 3. Art:


School News Barron

submitted by Barron School Library: Many thanks go out to all for all the purchases made at the Book Fair. Many new books will be added to the library shelves for all to read thanks to the Barron Communities generosity. During March and April, kindergarten, fi rst and second grade classes will hear selections from traditional literature such as nursery rhymes, fairy tales, folk tales, tall tales and fables. Grades 3-5 will practice using reference materials including the dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, atlas and almanac in print as well as on-line. Knowing which source to use and how to use it will help the students with their classroom assignments. The Great Stone Face Book Award is given annually to an author whose book receives the most votes from fourth through sixth graders throughout New Hampshire. At the beginning of the school year, fourth and fi fth grade students were introduced to several of the titles from a list of 25 recently-published books that are chosen by the Great Stone Face (GSF) Committee. Students were encouraged to read many of the titles in anticipation of voting for their favorite book. They were also given a Great Stone Face bookmark to keep track of their reading. In April, students will vote for their favorite book. The winner will be announced in May. Everyone is looking forward to fi nding out which book it will be! Music: Congratulations to the Barron third graders on a wonderful African Drumming and Dancing

School News

Most recently in the art room the Barron students have been busy creating unique works of art. The kindergartners have been practicing their painting skills using tempera, watercolor and fi nger paints to create works of art that go along with their “letter of the week.” The fi rst graders have been creating colorful

program they presented to their friends and families. Students enjoyed a wonderful three day Artist in Residence program sponsored by the Barron PTA and the Brian Richardson Literacy Fund. The third graders are now learning about Folk Songs that have represented history in our country from the Pilgrims to present day. The First and Second Graders are learning about the families of musical instruments. They will also be preparing for their singing test. Students will practice good singing habits including proper posture, enunciation, singing on pitch with good volume and stage presence. A foundation of proper singing techniques is emphasized in the early grades to produce strong enthusiastic chorus members in grades four and fi ve. Fourth graders completed their Instrument Family unit and have begun learning how to play their recorders. Recorders are a wonderful introduction to playing a band instrument in fi fth grade. Through daily practicing and performing, students are taught the discipline that is needed to succeed in playing a musical instrument. Fifth graders had a very successful Ballroom Dancing Artist in Residence program. Congratulations to those who participated in the Talent Show and demonstrated the Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha and Swing dances. They are now learning how to read musical text through an integrated art and music project featuring the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh and the song “Vincent” by Don McLean. Text is not just something you read in books. There can be musical and artistic text too. Students use their senses of sight and hearing; they will learn something about music and art and integrate it into the literacy program. Parents will be amazed

North Salem

submitted by North Salem School The North Salem Read-a-thon is in full swing, and there is still time to earn a reading medal! For each 20 minutes your child reads at home, he or she can check off one symbol on the reading slip. Finish all fi ve slips and you just earned yourself a gold medal, which will be awarded at the Spring Open House on April 19.

Attention all fi fth grade parents, it’s time to learn about your fi fth graders transition to Woodbury Middle

School. A parent information night will be held on Wednesday, March 28 at Woodbury, beginning at 6 p.m. in the large gym.

As a token of thanks for helping our school and students, North Salem will be holding a Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Thursday, March 22 at 8:15 a.m. in the school cafeteria. North Salem family members volunteer in many ways, both large and small. We hope you will be able to join us, no matter the capacity in which you have helped, or how much time you have given. Each volunteer helps to make our school a great place! There will be no school on Monday, March 26, due to a teacher in-service day. Our fi rst Father/Special Friend and Daughter Dance takes place on April 3 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. North Salem girls should be watching for a special invitation next week. Don’t forget to gather your loose change, the Power of the Penny contest will be ending on Friday,

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March 30! For the contest, each grade has a container for spare change and they try to collect as many pennies as possible to fi ll their containers, while trying to sabotage other grades by inserting other change like quarters, dimes and nickels. The grade that earns the most points wins the contest and will receive an ice cream sundae party for the prize. All money collected will go toward purchasing a new school sign to be placed outside in front of the school that will allow us to advertise special events and help keep the school community informed. We also want to thank all the parents and guardians who took time out of their day to visit their child’s classroom to see how they are learning! Learning has changed a great deal and it was fun for the parents and guardians to see what their child is doing in the classroom. Students caught showing the trait of “Citizenship” last week include: Mrs. Chisholm’s Class, Keagan Whipple, Adrian Ayala, Amy Murphy, Bella Buccheri, Alex Prescott, Sam Maiette, Dakota Santo, Kylie Ryan, Sean O’Connell, Colin Boyle, Olivia Bartos, Zak Rochdi, Ryan DelVecchio, Noah Mustapha, Luc Goodnow, Maxwell Nobrega, Damian Gigante, Julia St. Hilaire, Jackson Doughty, Nick Mukry, Zak Rochdi, Jon Bennett, Dylan Shine, Indy Paquette, Evan O’Neill, Sam Tupper, Olivia Kisiel, Robert Olms, Alex McDonough, Hana Watanabe, Ashley Gee, Damian Gigante, Camden Morgano, Ryan Allard, Daslyn Resendez, Jeremy Kight, Anna Hazelton, Alana Williams, Shea Callahan, Gabrielle Martiniello, Allyson Martiniello, Brody McDonalsd, Anna Carbone, Michael Hanna, Mrs. Kelly’s Class, Kurt Allard, Nick Mulry, Noah Poulin, Lucas Currao, Bella Buccheri, Ashley Bodenrader, Ryan Allard, Tyler Bernard, Jillian St. Hilaire, Chloe Stone, Shay Parikh, Joey Colecchia, Brooke Carter, and Julian Quintal.


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fl ower collages, underwater fi sh paintings, 3D fi sh creature necklaces and 3D amusement park sculptures. The fi rst graders have been focusing on their building and painting skills as well as displaying patience while coloring and cutting. The second graders have been carefully painting

the overlapping geometric shape drawings they made. They have designed, built, painted and then decorated in marker with “types of lines” an animal sculpture out of wooden shapes and tempera paint. The second graders are also doing observational drawings of their friend’s faces and then using a variety of colorful sand to create a symmetrical portrait fi lled with color. The third graders have been busy with weaving to design a 3D woven doll with purses, pirate hats and unique details that make their doll different from their classmates. During the African unit in third grade the students made their own African masks and decorated them with a wide variety of beans and shells. Most recently the third graders have been making pinch pots out of clay and painting them using designs and patterns found in original African pottery. The fourth graders have been learning about mosaic art and using black paper to design a large insect that is popping off the page. Their insects are then decorated with colorful cut pieces of paper that are arranged in a style similar to that of mosaic art. They have also been learning about the master artist Henry Matisse and his style of “drawing with scissors.” Each student made their own collage style Matisse project that focused on geometric, organic, positive and negative shapes. Currently the fourth graders are drawing their own optical illusions and practicing their shading skills to create depth on a 2D surface.

The fi fth graders are looking at artwork from the master artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch to create a work of art of their own that is reminiscent to the master artists. They chose a famous painting and then reproduced it using contact paper and tissue paper to create a vibrant stained glass work of art. The fi fth graders have been focusing on their observational drawing skills and making detailed sea shell drawings that were painted with watercolor and fi nished with pen and ink detail. They are now working on an observational drawing of a classmate that combines gesture drawing, detailed lines and mixing of their own paint colors. Fifth Grade: Students in grade 5 have been busy as bees learning to write a research paper. Students were given a pocketed folder. They are learning a great system for collecting information from sources they have read. Next, after determining the importance of what they read, they collect data on index cards, cite sources, and fi nd many interesting facts about Mother Nature’s creatures. Parents can ask their children about their research. Have them tell you all about the folder; how it is set up, how the cards provide several bits of information, and how those cards will become the information needed to write an entire report. The students are really enjoying this learning! Social Studies class will soon begin the American Revolution. This is an exciting and important part of the creation of our United States. The classes will use a Domino Cause and Effect approach to teach the highlights of the revolution. Index cards will be created that children should bring home and study! Have them share their new knowledge with you! Quiz them on what you know! Science classes are involved with the subjects of Matter and Forces. Lots of labs and experiments are being performed. Hands on fun for sure! Teachers continue to teach respect, responsibility, and organization. These are the key tools to life-long learning and being successful. These are skills to master as the students head off to Woodbury School next year. Wow, is that possible! Where has the school

year gone? Open House on April 18! There is certainly a lot of great work to showcase.

News from St. Joseph Regional Catholic School

submitted by Blaire McCarthy, St. Joseph Regional Catholic School In the past few months, St. Joseph Regional Catholic School has hosted several informative programs.

In November, Offi cers Genest and Norcross from the Salem Police Department visited our school to talk with the students about bullying. The students were presented with information about what kinds of behaviors are considered bullying, and what to do if they are being bullied. The offi cers also discussed cyber bullying with the junior high students. They talked a lot about the role of the “bystander,” someone who witnesses bullying behaviors of another person. The students were encouraged to tell their teachers or parents if they are being bullied or if they witness bullying behaviors. In December, a college counselor from New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) visited some of our classrooms. She talked with students in second grade about saving, sharing, and spending money, and the difference between ”wants” and “needs.” They played an interactive game and showed that they defi nitely know the difference between wants and needs! After the game, the counselor helped the students make their own Moonjars to start learning how they are using their money. Grade fi ve students completed a personality questionnaire to see which careers might fi t their interests. Then they played a fun game of Jeopardy and showed how much they already know about college! A competitive game of Are You Smarter Than a 12th Grader was part of the presentation for grade eight. They amazed me with their knowledge! The counselor explained to them the importance of starting off on the right foot as they begin high school next year. She encouraged them to push themselves by taking challenging classes. The parents attended a presentation by NHHEAF in January. “Early College Planning for Parents,”

May 1 Book b

a program geared towards parents of elementary and junior high students was very informative. The parents had lots of good questions about how to start fi nancing their child’s college education.

Superintendent to Nominate Staff Members at Upcoming School Board Meeting

submitted by Offi ce of Superintendent of Schools

Michael Delahanty, Superintendent of Schools, will nominate several professional staff members to new positions at the April 10 meeting of the Salem School Board. The following changes were announced:


Maura Palmer will replace Edith Soley as Assistant Superintendent of Schools. Mrs. Palmer is currently serving in her second year as principal of Salem High School. Prior to this, Mrs. Palmer served as principal of Woodbury Middle School and Soule Elementary School in Salem. Mrs. Palmer has worked in the school district since 1997 when she began her administrative career as assistant principal at Woodbury School. Mrs. Palmer earned her master’s degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of New Hampshire. Mrs. Palmer brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding about curriculum, instruction, and assessment to her new role.

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Tracy Collyer, currently serving as Associate Principal at Salem High School, will replace Mrs. Palmer as Principal. Mrs. Collyer fi rst served the Salem School District as a Math teacher in 2002. She became a Dean of Students in 2007 and was elevated to Associate Principal in 2010 where she helped develop a successful Freshmen Program. Mrs. Collyer earned a Masters in Business Administration from Bentley College in 1992. She earned a degree in Educational Administration and Supervision in 2004. George Murray will be named principal of Fisk School replacing long-time administrator Susan “Micki” Rhodes who is retiring. Mr. Murray began his career in school administration as an Assistant Principal at Woodbury Middle School. He served as a Dean of Students at Salem High School for a time but returned to Woodbury as Assistant Principal in 2009. Mr. Murray earned his Masters degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Rivier College in 2003.

Book Before May 1st

Deborah Payne will become the school district’s Director of Finance. Mrs. Payne is the Math and Science Director at Salem High School, a position she has held since 2004. She began her career in Salem in 1999 as a high school science teacher. Mrs. Payne has worked hard to emphasize the critical importance of math and science instruction. She graduated from Wellesley College with a Mathematics degree and earned a Masters degree in Biomedical Science from Northeastern University. Bradley St. Germain will move from his current teaching position to replace Deborah Payne as Math and Science Director at Salem High School. Mr. St. Germain was hired in 2008 after graduating from Harvard University with a Masters degree in Teaching and Learning. Prior to working at Salem High School Mr. St. Germain was involved with the Teach for America Program. Mr. St. Germain earned an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Penn State University. He has been instrumental in the success of the Freshmen Program at Salem High School.


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