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President Darwin Green Vice President Kim Sisul Treasurer John D. Carr Secretary Mike Buckley

Trustees Ann Blume

Carl Burnham III Jim Cleary

David DeBlasio

Darcy Henderson Gwen Farnham Craig Iverson Dwight Terry

Committee Chairs Athletic Scott Stevens Balladeers Todd Husband Basketball Tom Ferris

Budget and Finance John D. Carr Communications Darcy Henderson Culture and Style Jutta Allen Cycling Jim Laird

Dance/Group Exercise Janae Pyle/ Pat Warren

Decathlon Amy Pellegrin Early Birds Cindy Moody

Ethnic Diversity Marisa Hernandez

Exercise & Conditioning Connie Dunkle- Weyrauch

Family Events Molly Sax

Golf Lori Davis/Barbara Hamlin Gymnastics Ken Boyko/Lisa Sayre Handball Dave Delaney

Holiday Decorating Leslie Vanden Bos House Patty Thompson

Junior Events Tim Malueg/Ashley Mepham Karate Jim Prihoda

MelloMacs Barbara Stalick Member Events Carrie Stevens Membership Tim GIllette Merrymacs Dinda Mills

Outdoor Activities Program Christo de Villiers Pilates Kristin Finnegan/Krista McKillip Polar Bears Dave Brownell Property Janice Marquis Racquetball Timm Locke

Ski Brent Andersen/Dianna Woodring Social Activities Richard Horsewell Squash Marcia Wood

Strategic Planning Vicki Tagliafico Swimming Charlie van Rossen Synchro Anne Cleve

Tennis Rudy Martinez/Antonia Green Triathlon & Running Tyler Dillavou Volleyball Lorne Davenhauer

Walking & Hiking Norma Vincent Yoga Carolyn Wood

s you read this column, all of

MAC’s new commit- tees are selected and their work for the year is underway. As many of you know, MAC is a committee-run club that requires more than 600 members to fill a wide variety of needs. As one of my favorite past board members said,

not increased our resident headcount. Wow, I hope that made some sense!

Darwin Green PRESiDENT

“The committee system is one of the best parts of MAC and one of the worst.” There are probably more efficient ways to run an organization the size of ours, but member involvement in the decision process is one of MAC’s unique features.

The major committee chairs for 2012- 2013 service years are: Scott Stevens, athletic; Treasurer John Carr, budget and finance; Marisa Hernandez, ethnic diversity; Patty Thompson, house; Carrie Stevens, member events; Tim Gillett, member- ship; Janice Marquis, property; and Vicki Tagliafico, strategic planning. For a com- plete list of all new chairs, see the masthead on the left side of this page. Please, don’t forget to say thanks when you see one of our many volunteers at the club.

Ask the President Well, due to the timing of The Winged

M arriving at your home or office around March 1, and my deadline of March 5 for the April Winged M, I received no Ask the President questions in time. So I pulled a popular question off the sounding board. “Why is the club adding so many new members?”

The answer to the question is that we really are not adding many additional members. In 2002 the board adopted the current resident headcount strategy, which was implemented in 2003. Rather than manage to a total headcount of 20,000 we began managing to a resident headcount target. On Jan. 1, 2001 our resident head- count and total headcount were 17,069 and 20,097, respectively. Eleven years later, on Jan. 1 2012, our resident headcount and total headcount were 17,132 and 21,759, respectively. While we have increased our total headcount a bit, we have in essence

Here are a few more fun facts that may answer a few more questions. The average age for an adult family applicant in 2005 was 44.7, in 2009 it was 42.4 and most recently in 2012 it was 44.6. There were 343 children younger than the age of 7 as part of the lottery draw in 2005, 345 were drawn in 2009 and 262 in 2012. In 2005 the average number of children per family was 1.6, in 2009 1.9 and in the 2012 lottery the average number was 1.8. To sum this all up not much has changed in the demographics of the club, nor in the actual resident head count.

New property

We have a committee at MAC called SB7. They monitor our property holdings as well as keep an eye out for additional opportunities that may arise. Two things have happened in the last several months. First, for information purposes, the prop- erty we recently purchased on 20th Place, which is now going to be called the Design Center PDX, is about 50 percent leased and it has a positive cash flow. There has also been outside interest in leasing additional space, which would be an additional bonus. SB7 and staff are currently preparing a plan on how Design Center PDX can be best utilized for MAC’s future. Stay tuned for updates.

Second, MAC received an unsolicited offer for our “Block 7” that would provide additional parking for the club and other opportunities. The board has sent out an RFQ to see if any other developer might be interested. We are now considering all offers to see what, if anything, to do. It’s nice to have options. The Trustees may have a major decision to make in the future. No decision is made without full input and understanding from you, the member. That’s about it for this month. Next month I let you know what the board charges are for the upcoming year and answer your questions in Ask the President. If your question is selected and your name is not anonymous, you are treated to lunch and I pick up the tab. Send questions to We are going to have a fun year. Enjoy

your club! WM APRIL 2012 | The Wınged M | 5

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