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April/May 2012 Gifts for Garden Centres 21 Scent and Spa Traditional product celebrates past and present

Great inspiration comes at the most unlikely moments and for Ursula Whittle it was while relaxing on a sun lounger in Spain, that she came up with the name for the award-winning, Hope and Glory range. The Heyland and Whittle

products are packaged in a bold version of the Union Jack and have been a huge success in the run up to the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics. Sales are expected to continue long after the events are over as Britain continues to celebrate its heritage. It was this range that won the

Body, Mind and Soul category in the

in 2003. They were already involved in garden furniture and wanted something to supplement this seasonal business – garden furniture sells largely in the Summer and they thought the soaps could be ‘tagged on’ as a Christmas range, said Ursula. Paddy’s son was

taught the basics of soap making and with limited equipment the couple threw themselves into developing and expanding the product range. They were determined the brand would continue to be handmade using the finest natural ingredients.

recent Gift of the Year awards and was also Highly Commended in the Made in UK category. Ursula and Paddy Heyland

were new to soap-making when they bought the business

Packaging would be stunning and the pricing affordable – not cheap and cheerful but not overpriced. The mix clearly worked and it

wasn’t long before the garden furniture was dropped and the Heyland and Whittle brand firmly

established within the industry. Essential oil, herbs and spices are combined to create sulphate and paraben free products. New stock includes candles and reed diffusers. Padraig McEnerney, who

originally sold the couple the business is back involved and a total of 22 people are employed. The

company sells all over the world and when visitors come from abroad the appropriate flag is flown outside company headquarters! The company has also been a

strong charity supporter and its achievements were recently recognised by the local MP and Mayor (picture left).

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