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Spring 2012 Edition 21

From The Edi tor A Happy 2012 to you all.

One Voice

Although Christmas seems a long time ago now, I do just want tomention the Spirit of Christmas event that took place at Chester Cathedral in December. Once again a truly wonderful and Imust add warmoccasion! I know that some clients have not been keen to attend as you can get very cold inside the Cathedral. However the heating seems to be sorted now so please have another think about attending this year’s event as it really does get you in themood for Christmas and you support NMC at the same time.

It’s been a busy start to 2012, planning the Complementary Therapy Day, gathering information and talking to clients about their experiences for this edition of One Voice. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the article on Depression, something which few people talk about, but which is very relevant within the NMC community. Also in this edition, Matthew updates us on Independent Governance, as on 1st April NMC will formally and legally separate fromMDC.With the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics looming, Gill and Emily explain how the NMC Physio Community supportedmuscle week. Ian Scoble shares his experience of applying for a Canine Partner, one client shares her experience of the Shopmobility Scheme and we look at changes to the Motability Scheme thatmay affect you. We share with you our thoughts for two new exciting projects, “Young Voice” and “The NMC Forum”. Have a read and see how you can get involved andmake a difference!

Happy reading! Enjoy the spring blooms, the longer days and the opportunity to get out and about.

With best wishes, Inside

• I n d e p e n d e n t Go v e r n a n c e

• L i v i n g wi t h De p r e s s i o n

• Ca n i n e P a r t n e r s

• Cl i e n t P r o f i l e s • Mu s c l e We e k

• New NMC F o r um • Y o u n g Vo i c e

• NMC On - l i n e Ce n t r e

Coming Soon At NMC...

...Young Voice A new voice for NMC users aged 18 to 30.

...The NMC Forum Your opportunity to get involved andmake NMC a better place.

Please go to page 19 formore information.

• P e r s o n a l e x p e r i e n c e o f S h o pmo b i l i t y

• Ch a n g e s t o t h e Mo t a b i l i t y S c h eme

• Op e n L o n d o n

• Ac c e s s i b l e S p r i n g B r e a k s

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