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inception the adoption rate has hovered above 90 percent. “We just can’t pick

what ends up happening, which animals want to be friends,” Paradis says. Some of the unlikeli-

est alliances include a wild rabbit who started hanging around three years ago, befriending a little black goat named Mascot; the wild rab- bit and goat occasion- ally play then nap side by side in Mascot’s stall. A rooster named L.J. (which stands for Little Jake) was named after his best buddy Jake, an 8-year-old Morgan stal-

the same reasons as peo- ple. They’re left all alone and they feel abandoned,” Petrangelo says. “We see a lot of igno-

rant neglect,” Paradis ex- plains. “Animals who haven’t been touched in a

Sat. 9am - 5pm, Sun. 9am - 4pm

Dave Petrangelo, a volunteer from Boscawen, visits Sassy, a miniature horse who arrived with 7 others, nearly starved, from a Connecticut hobby farm after their owner died. At Live and Let live Farm, she has been blind horse Dolly’s paddock companion.

Skipper, a rescued minia- ture horse, for a paddock- mate. “Right now, he doesn’t

like most people,” ex- plains Dave Petrangelo, a volunteer from Boscawen, as he watches Jake pace. “You have be aware of his body language to even get near him. Since he was gelded, he’s calmed down quite a bit.” Most of the equine res-

Katy, age 31, a rescued Pony of America, lives at the farm and enjoys free range.

lion who was abandoned in a field in Lancaster at the beginning of summer and rescued three days after Christmas. L.J. took Jake under his wing when the horse arrived, patrolling the perimeter of his enclosure, going so far as squawking and a flapping in protest when the vet arrived to give Jake his routine shots. As with many of the

abandoned or neglected horses that arrive at the sanctuary, Jake’s recov- ery has been slow but visible. A skittish and mistrustful loner, he is learning to live with other animals and started with

L.J., a rooster, guards his best buddy Jake, a stallion who recently arrived at the farm.


cues at Live and Let Live are victims of malnutri- tion, skin ailments, para- sites and the emotional scars of neglect. “You can tell when

they’re depressed just by looking at them. They hang their heads low. They move kind of slow. They get depressed for

NEW LOCATION! Deerfield Fairgrounds Deerfield, NH


— 36TH ANNUAL NEW HAMPSHIRE — May 12th & 13th

Adults $5., Seniors 62 & over $4. Children 12 & under FREE

Where Dogs Can Be Dogs... 432 Sixth Street, Dover, NH

•Daycare •Boarding •Grooming •Training •Supplies

Real Life Puppy - For puppies between the ages of 4 to 7 months. Wednesday, April 18th at 6:15 pm - 1 hour / 5 week session Cost: $125.00

This Month @ K9 Kaos:

Real Life 1 - For beginner adults or puppies 8 months and up. Wednesday, April 18th at 7:15 pm – 1 hour/5 week session Cost: $125.00

Introduction to Nose Work - For adults or puppies 6 months and up. Tuesday, April 17th at 6:15 pm – 1 hour/6 week session Cost: $120.00

Continuing Nose Work, Level 2 - For adults or puppies 6 months and up that have completed the Introduction to Nose Work class. Tuesday, April 17th at 7:15 pm – 1 hour/6 week session Cost: $120.00

Mon-Fri: 7am-6:30pm Sat: 9am-6pm Sun: 10am-2pm 603-743-3647

long time, or ridden in two years. They could have been show horses worth a lot of money. But now they’re so timid they can’t move away from their herd mates or out of their pad-

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Kindred Spirit Farm Registered Shetland Sheep

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