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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, April 5, 2012 ANIMAL CRACKERS RESCUE from 1 Kyriakoutsakos, a horse

lover who returned to riding after attending therapeutic riding les- sons for her daughter, began the slow, incre-

mental training of a horse initially too frightened to leave her paddock. Using voice commands, clicker sounds to mark good behavior, and treats for rewards, she took

River through the paces of learning to stand still, walk and trot for the first time beside a human, then submit to being rid- den bareback and finally with a saddle and bit-less halter. Some days the 66-year-old Manchester woman simply sat on a stump outside in River’s run and read aloud from “The Soul of a Horse” by Joe Camp – or the Bible. “It took time and pa-

Training classes Puppy & Basic Training

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Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

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Call 603-835-2971 Stray / Lost Cat Found

tience,” Kyriakoutsakos explains. “We didn’t have an agenda. We just en- joyed each other.” She ad- opted the horse in 2007. Today, River stands

tall and statuesque. Her silvery coat resembles marbled paper. And she looks forward to greeting and walking with tour groups that visit the farm on Sunday afternoons. And Kyriakoutsakos, pa- tient and kind, smiles like a proud grandmother. They are two of the many

success stories at Live and Let Live Farm, an an- imal sanctuary started in 1997 by Teresa Paradis,

Teresa Paradis, founder of Live and Let Live with a dog surrendered by an owner who can no longer care for her.


a former racetrack work- er and longtime horse lover who recognized a need for equine rescue

Meet The PET OF THE WEEK Say Hello to Toby

Toby travelled to New Hampshire from Alabama, hoping in our cool

New England state he would get a second chance, as all good dogs deserve.

He’s very good looking, sturdy and personable, just a whippersnapper at three months old.

Wonderful, friendly cat found in Meredith On Parade Rd- near the roundabout.

We’ve had her for a few weeks and are looking for her owners.

If you are missing a cat please call us at 279-7770 We will be asking you for a description-- to us the kitty is like a lost child and we want to make sure it goes home to the owners.

Being of Cattle dog extraction he is smarter than many dogs you already know, and truly, without proper guidance and plenty to keep his young canine mind busy, he will quickly be in charge of your entire home. Think of Toby as the bright red Ferrari you have always wanted to own. Just like that touchy piece of Italian automobile poetry that requires and demands your superior driving skills; this wonderful pup needs a home with folks who are able to provide the mastery that will keep Toby centered and happy.

He has made friends with some of our more active younger dogs while staying at the NH Humane Society. His adoption fee includes puppy training classes If you like the personality and activity level of the Australian Cattle Dog, please consider Toby.

For more information call 524-3252 or check Courtesy of the Weirs Times & Cocheco Times

while working at Suffolk Downs in Massachusetts before she graduated high school. Paradis’ own sto- ry is nothing short of ex- traordinary. As a single mother of two daughters, she started the farm the year she was laid off, us- ing severance pay from 11 years as weighmaster at Wheelabrator in Pena- cook, an initial invest- ment from then-Governor Hugh Gregg, and lots of encouragement. Today, Live and Let

Live is a temporary or permanent home for 51 horses (33 have been adopted since the fall), and a widening array of other refugees includ- ing goats, sheep, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, ducks, roosters, rabbits, chick- ens, guinea pigs and an African parrot. The ram- bling farm on 35 acres resembles a present-day peaceable kingdom, with placid animals roaming freely, or sharing pad- docks with others they seem to enjoy. Since its See RESCUE on 9

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