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6 - March 30, 2012 | Salem Community Patriot Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Area News Group or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Area News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs up to my granddaughter, Gabrielle Gardiner. Last July I was diagnosed with lung cancer. After explaining some of the effects of treatment, Gabby decided to grow her hair for locks of love, telling me that we could make a wig out of it, and she’d always be on my mind and she’d always be on my mind. On Tuesday, her hair had grown the required length of 12 inches, and she donated her hair to locks of love. For all the love and happiness she brings, I want to give Gabby a total thumbs up! Love, Grammy.”

“Thumbs down to the silent majority for keeping your tail between your legs. Speak up! If not, your lives, your communities, and your souls will belong to the liberal agenda.”

“Thumbs down to Bob Campbell, Planning Board Member. I was watching a rerun of the old paper factory and I couldn’t believe how you acted on that case. That was terrible. I wish there was more people like Ron Belanger to help this town instead of you knocking everybody out. I’m glad that Ron put you down. You should step down, Bob. I think you’re too old for this 2012. You probably got your education in 1900 or something. I’ve seen smart people go to college and they come out blooming idiots. I think that’s what has happened to you.”

“Thumbs down to the Salem Market Baskets for using ‘Pink Slime’ in all their ground beef products. I asked one of their butchers and he said ‘they ad it to all their ground beef products.’ Pink Slime are scraps that is treated with ammonia that were previously only used for dog food until they figured out they could make more money selling it to us suckers and serving it to our kids in school. Let them know you will shop elsewhere until they change this outrageous policy.”


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“Thumbs up to Rod Class of North Carolina and AIB radio for determining that police officers are indeed private contractors. What does that say for Salem? Are the Salem Police private contractors? Are personally liable for improper stops and arrests? If so, are they really public servants, or policy officers for a corporation? What about our town officials? Who do they really work for?”

“Thumbs up to the

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“Thumbs down to every driver who speeds through my Grove Ave neighborhood. The mere moments you save driving that fast is nothing compared to the life you could take of a child, neighbor or beloved family pet. Slow down.... please. Remember to mention this to your guests as well.”

“Thumbs down to our officers who swear an oath to support the Constitution, yet cannot tell you what Article 13 says. They can’t recite Article 14, or even the 10th Amendment! Would you continue to pay your car mechanic if he couldn’t point out the alternator or the carburetor? Isn’t that fraud? The most important requirement to hold their position is that ‘Oath of Office,’ yet they don’t know any of it. Isn’t that a contract to us under fraudulent conditions? Are the town officers in the same pickle?”

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Rockingham Superior Court for the whopping business they do. I see the armored trucks going in and out of that complex at least once each day. I guess the judicial business is very profitable! Do those funds go back into the communities?”

“Thumbs up to licensing! If carrying a ‘gun’ is a crime, why is the state handing out licenses for criminal activity? Is fishing a crime? Then why do I need a license if it’s not a crime? May

I have a license to take the Federal Reserve Notes from that bank please?”

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“Thumbs up on the license comment. They

can’t issue licenses for illegal activity. So if it’s not illegal, why do we need a license? We’re on to something here. We need a license for a privilege? How can the state issue a privilege? We the People created government, so our creation is now charging us for legal activity? Something smells here!”

“Thumbs up to the commenter’s thumbs down

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Silverthorne Inc has submitted an application for capital assistance to provide transportation for the elderly and disabled pursuant to Section 5310 of The Federal Transit Act as amended. Silverthorne intends to transport elderly and disabled clients in Rockingham County to and from their homes to its Adult Medical Day Center as well as transport participants for medical appts.,shopping excursions and various field trips. The bus will also be used by Salemhaven Inc, to transport its residents to community events, as well as its rehabilitation residents to and from their homes in anticipation of discharge. Silverthorne Inc has requested funding for 80% of the cost of one mini bus at a cost of $65,000. The bus will seat 12 participants and 2 wheelchairs. Any interested public or private transit operators, with the above stated service area, are invited to comment on the proposed service or offer their own service proposals by written notice to the applicant and the NH Department of Transportation and Transit within thirty (30) days at the addresses listed below. For more detailed information, all interested parties are invited to request a completed copy of the application from Silverthorne Inc.

Paula Faist MS, LSW ,Program Director Silverthorne Adult Medical Day Center 23 Geremonty Dr. Salem, NH 03079


NH Dept. of Transportation Bureau of Rail and Transit PO Box 483, Concord NH, 03302

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on March 23, 2012, attacking women’s issues writers’ ‘total nonsense and gross exaggeration of the truth.’ The thumbs down was very kind and upstanding, it refrained from pointing out the ‘total nonsense and gross exaggeration of the truth.’ Talk about exaggeration: Obama was then blamed by the thumbs down for every ill in this country, the world economy and the international oil market, a US president with such power! This superb exaggeration could not be made better by Josef Goebbels or Rupert Murdoch’s news crowd.”

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“Thumbs down to the Salem Patch and it’s Editor Jake. I can’t believe you allowed so many ignorant comments to be posted about the House failing to repeal same sex marriage. Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, those comments were very offensive. And to Mr. McDougall, you make Archie Bunker look like a Saint! How deplorable your

words were coming from someone who sits on an elected board in our town. Such bigotry, you should be removed immediately!”

“Thumbs down. How did Pat H. get to be Chairman of the BOS? How long will this go on? He does not know how to run it and has no clue (with his ‘ok – ok – ok’). Look at the well-dressed, well mannered Tim Keller. We know he’s new on BOS, but he certainly has the ‘know-how’! E. McBride also has the background, the intelligence and integrity. Pleas, Pat, you’re a

nice man, but not the person to head the board. Of course, we all love Steven Campbell – why not him? We’re all happy Mike Lyons isn’t chairman. Study hard, Pat, and show us you can do it. Don’t just let each person talk – give them permission and get to know the rules and regulations, please, of a chairman.”

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Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Area News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Salem Edition. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue.

Comments should be kept to 100 words or less. LEGAL NOTICE

Annual Meeting of Salem Co-operative Bank The 91st Annual Meeting of Salem Co-operative Bank will be held on

Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 4:00 pm in the Salem Co-operative Bank building, 3 South Broadway, Salem, NH.

This meeting is to elect two Directors and to take action on such other business as may properly come before the meeting.

Ann R. Lally President


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