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First things first. For the retirees, a

little explanation of the “Pool.” Once upon a time, there were just firefighter pool positions. However, with the new closures and “redeploy- ment,” the pools are in all ranks (but naturally, not the paramedics). Some ranks suffer more than others, mainly the poor A/O’s. Instead of a seniority based reshuffle,

it is like spending a weekend in Vegas to see if you were suddenly in a pool. The members that had a resource shut down were automatically in a pool. However, if you were not affected by a closure, you may suddenly find yourself sharing a pool spot with a displaced member. Some shifts and stations remained unaffected, others become ridden with pool spots in all ranks and shifts. Therefore, you have stations with tight crews (ranked members with 30+ years) that are suddenly dealing with the pool uncertainty. It is just not the guys with a “year and a day” anymore.

However, the SOD has been slowly

creeping back. There have even been days in which ranked members have worked down. There have been No new hires, and people finishing up DROP have been creating more vacancies. All except the “poor” A/O’s. Not as plentiful or retiring like engineers, they don’t have the sick time to burn like Captain II’s. They have to scrounge for a SOD day or even not be placed at all, and end up running errands for the chief. Good luck guys, hang in there. Start studying or think about jumping ship and pumping some water (?). Time for some rumors. Actually, not

much dirt out there, but just a little reshuffle. The long awaited “who will they shut down” is here. Well 87’s got their wish and there will, in fact, be an RA 18. That infamous, supposedly PhotoShopped pic of RA 18 can once again be the screen saver at 18’s. Now it’s time to watch the scramble at 103’s. This time, they will not get much sympathy and be able to stop it like the last time. 28’s can say so long to the HEO’s

which will be moving to 109’s. It’s a shame the department couldn’t do this the first time around and avoid having the guys lose their spots at 28’s.

That’s all I got. Unless I hear other-

wise. Feels free to email some stories.

and relatives, Jeff walked in and didn’t even notice a table of 25 people there to celebrate and thank him for allowing us to work with him all those years. A very humble man, Jeff was totally surprised and overwhelmed at the situation. He thought he would be able to just walk away from the job unnoticed. UFLAC VP Frank Lima was there to

present Jeff with a beautiful plaque and Jeff’s last Captain, John Virant, presented Jeff with his retirement badge. A retirement dinner fit for a great guy,

it was filled with good food, adult beverages and a few funny stories. Best of health and longevity to you and your family Jeff!! How’s that golf game coming with all that free time now?

Welcome Julianna Christine Fer-

nandez, daughter of Jay Fernandez (70-A) and Catrina Sprague. She was born on January 26, 2012, weighed 7lbs - 14oz. and 21” long.

On Feb 9th, 2012, recently retired

Engineer Jeff Simon (107-C), unknowingly would be attending his own retirement dinner. With careful planning, Jeff’s friend Eric Dillon, his former relief Michael Caro, and Jeff’s wife Christine were able to keep the event a secret. The dinner was held at Masa Sushi in

Camarillo. Attended by a close group of friends

on FeBruary 14, 2012, companies From Battalion 15 responded to a vehicle vs a tree in sylmar.

photo By rick mcclure, captain, ocd-c April 2012 • 19

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