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The topic of this month’s news is “Do

Your Job!” On several occasions now, Engine 23 has gone to 69’s for fuel. Just after starting to get fuel, Engine 23 gets dispatched with Rescue 69 in 69’s district. The crew at 23’s stops fuel- ing, quietly gets in the rig and handles 69’s call like the professionals they are. Now you might think that Truck 69 would jump in and take the run “IN THEIR OWN DISTRICT” and allow 23’s to fi nish fueling and get back to their district (beach walk). The truckies went on like nothing ever happened. “Maybe if we pretend we didn’t hear it, no one will notice” or maybe they had a blissful moment of remembering the good ole days of having an Engine 69? On a cold windy night last month,

Truck 37 responded with Engine 19 to an auto into a hydrant in 19’s district. Nothing gets the blood fl owing like a 0200 hours fi re hydrant ice bath in the middle of January in another district. When the crew from 37’s fi nished slaying the watery dragon they noticed the guys from 19’s watching from the safety of their engine, win- dows up, heater on in a warm embrace watching the “truckies do what they do.” It was then that someone from 37’s remembered “Heyyyy?! Don’t they have a hydrant shut off tool on Engine 19? Heyyyyyy!” While on the topic of 37’s and 19’s, they would like to say goodbye

to Scott Hambly who is pursuing a professional paddle tennis career. The “Wack Pack” will miss you - “Happy Trails!” And a warm welcome to Matt Romo, and props for making the move out of such a “comfy spot” to learn your craft and be a “well rounded” fi refi ghter. And remember guys, the now common saying of “They start off liking you . . . “ A little off of topic, comes a story of

a “Radio Held Hostage.” On scene of a fi re in the battalion, a member ACCIDENTALLY yet KNOWINGLY drops his radio while throwing a ladder. A member from 59’s decides to pounce on the radio and hold it hostage for the remain- der of the incident in a desperate attempt to get some (unneeded) ice cream. The younger, better looking, and yet more experienced fi refi ghter from 37’s is pressured into purchasing some low-cal ice cream (knowing all along this is ill gotten cream). The story continues - the SOLID members of 59’s catch wind of the actions of FF Finders Keepers and they immediately head to 37’s, “hat in hand,” with some better ice cream, and a promise that things like this won’t happen again.

Since we are talking about “Do Your

Job,” I should take this opportunity to recognize Yvonne Gutierrez from 92’s for doing exactly that. She has been sharing pool duty for the last year, never complaining (well maybe a little), always does an outstanding job and with a good attitude. Thank you Yvonne for setting the standard. Battalion Nine is gonna miss you.

(The day this was submitted 92’s is going back to Battalion 18)

Also, if you

didn’t see the fi re hydrant that Captain Jim Vels from 23’s painted for Joe T, then you’re missing a real work of art. Jim Vels’ talent really shows in this hydrant work of art.

A lean

and mean Dar- nell Tolbert took top honors at the Golden West Clas- sic body building competition way back in 1988. Dar- nell still is in pretty good shape despite being one of the old guys at Fire Station 69-C.

It’s not personal, It’s just business

Ministry of Misinformation

while Battalion 9 companies were overhaulinG one structure Fire in 19’s district, they discovered that FlyinG emBers had iGnited a wood shinGled rooF down the street.

photo By Brian haimer April 2012 • 13

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