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By Elizabeth Castillo

Victory Motorcycles’ New Hard Ball

Victory Motorcycles’ newest model is the Hard

Ball. This modern looking machine is powered by a v-twin 106 cubic inch motor and has a very modern chopped /bagger look about it. These bikes sport spoke wheels (18inch front, 16 inch rear) and height adjustable ape hangers. They were available in February so I am betting we will see some of these on the road this summer. ***

V-Rod 10th Anniversary It sure doesn’t seem like 10 years have passed

since the V-Rod by Harley-Davidson came out but it has and the V-Rod can now chalk up a decade. In the fall of 2001 after the new 2002 V-Rod mod- els had come out the buzz was all about them. Skeptics and enthusiasts alike wanted to test ride them, and of course there was hesitancy about them being water cooled. Die hard Harley enthu- siasts including myself resisted the change, call it silly but true. The V-Rod was based on the VR1000 superbike, and 10 years speaks for itself. The V-Rod is here to stay and was a fun test ride. ***

Exemption in Pennsylvania

Abate of Pennsylvania worked hard to get

House Bill 563 signed into law. This law creates an exemption from liability for a landowner who al- lows his or her property to be used by the Penn- sylvania motorcycle safety program. Hopefully this new law will allow the opening of new training sites as apparently this has been an issue in the past. This is just another example of being in- volved with organizations that monitor and fight for your rights as a motorcyclist. ***

Dead Guy on Motorcycle?

Dead guy on a motorcycle may sound weird

but it is true. A couple years ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico a 22 year old man died. Apparently one of his most beloved possessions was his Honda motorcycle. Unaware if it had been his re-

98 Wide Open

quest or his family’s idea he was embalmed and then perched upon his motorcycle for his wake. So picture this dead guy dressed in full riding gear and sitting in riding position for 3 days. The article I read about this said “What good advertisement for Honda.“ Different strokes for different folks I would say and I ‘m not sure Honda would want advertizing like that.


Women and Motorcycle

Conference 2012 The 2012 Women and Motorcycle conference

this year will be in Carson City, Nevada. This AMA American motorcycle association event is such a great event for lady riders and is held every few years. There are tons of fun things to do including test rides with all the new models from the big motorcycle companies, speakers and women rider products and clothing. There are usually group rides, local tours, a banquet, and lots of comprador between riders. I have so enjoyed at- tending these conferences in the past. Previous conferences have been held in Keystone, Col- orado, Athens Georgia, Buchanan West Virginia, Athens Ohio and Westerville, Ohio. I attended the last three in Keystone, Colorado, Athens Georgia and Buchanan West Virginia and had a most won- derful time. In fact the AMA paid my entry fee for the coverage I did on the last one . Other plans will interfere with me riding out to this year’s confer- ence but I sure encourage lady riders to attend and maybe one of you could write about the event.


Motorcycles in Movies II really like seeing motorcycles in movies and

I also really like old movies like black and white movies you would see on TCM (Turner Classic Movies). When you see old movies with motor- cycles in them it is mostly old Harley-Davidson’s you are seeing. In the more recent movies that have motorcycles in them you see Harleys, BMW’s, Ducati’s and Aprila. Well I recently read that the Ducati motorcycle brand was near as rec- ognizable as the Apple brand. So recent films like Tron Legacy, Wall Street 2 and Knight and Day fea- ture this Italian brand and perhaps “time in the movies“ has added to this brand recognition. I also read that as of September 2011 the United States became the #1 market for Ducati motorcycles, surpassing sales even of its home country! I would gander to guess also that since the great racer Nicky Hayden joined the Ducati Team Factory and

is racing Moto GP for Ducati has helped put the Ducati brand name up a few notches also. ***

Motorcycle Laws In Missouri, operating motorcycles two abreast

is not referenced in administrative codes. I see Kansas City, MO police do this all the time. In Arkansas safety helmets are required for passen- gers under 21 and eye protection is required. Also in Arkansas the law prohibits passengers under 8. In North Dakota handlebar height must be below the shoulders of the seated operator. ***

Spring Riding Spring is coming, spring is coming! Well it actu-

ally feels like it has been coming with our recently passed “easy “ winter ,and it’s time to get riding. Don’t forget to do a good bike inspection before riding. The MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) came up with a pre-ride inspection to assure a safe ride called T-CLOCK which stands for T-tires, C-controls, L-lights, O-oil, C-chassis, and K- kick- stand. You can go to the internet and print this if you need a reminder. I will go over a couple, lights and tires. Hopefully you used a trickle charger on your motorcycle battery all winter and your bat- tery is strong. I tell myself that if I allow the battery to go dead 3 times I have pretty much ruined it, and I keep that in mind as to how far I trust the re- liability of the battery when I am away from home. Right now I am questioning the strength of my sport bike battery and will just have it replaced be- fore summer riding starts (it’s 6 years old), and I don’t want any surprises when I am out riding. I re- place with stock parts only, but that’s a personal choice. Also check that the drain tube is appropri- ately placed, I had a drain tube leak all over some parts one time and it wasn’t pretty. Also make sure it is secured down. Next would be tire pressure, CHECK it, the number one reason for tire wear and failure is incorrect pressure. I tell you this one from experience, and experience I don’t want to repeat. Depth of tread is important and if you detect any bulges that should be attended to check pressure when tires are cold and read the MOM motorcycle owner’s manual for recommendations to adjust pressure with a passenger. Print a copy of the T- CLOCK and follow it for a safe, fun ride. ***

Readerssharingnews If you’re a WIDE OPEN reader with motorcycle

news that you think I should include in this col- umn, just send it to the magazine with attention to Elizabeth and I’ll try to use it .

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