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Quesada Focus Success

Page 9 By Hannah

If we were asked ‘Are you successful?’ what would our answer be? Would we consider that we were a success if we had a big house, expensive car and highly paid career? Do designer clothes, shoes and handbags show that we are successful? Holidays around the world or a villa in an exotic location, would they be our idea of success? Society seems to revere all these things along with being some sort of celebrity – film star, pop star, footballer etc. and considers them an indication of being successful, doesn’t it? But do we?

Aren’t we all successful if we have achieved our own personal aims in our lives? If we have certain skills and decide how and where to use them to the best of our ability and succeed, even if we don’t amass a fortune, aren’t we successful? The dedicated nurse, the helpful shop assistant, the courageous fireman, the dutiful policeman, the skilled hairdresser and the stay-at-home mum are all successful if they have achieved their ambition in life, aren’t they? Surely, the secret of success is in doing something that we have chosen because it gives us contentment and not because it makes us rich?

Don’t our motives in doing something stem from who we are and doesn’t how we use our attributes bring us satisfaction? If riches come from using our talents such as a beautiful singing voice or being a wonderful artist, then there is nothing wrong in that, is there? But surely, we can be just as proud of raising a fine family as owning a lot of cash, can’t we? Doesn’t that make us successful if we have achieved what we set out to do? Isn’t satisfaction in our accomplishments in life and contentment with our place in the world worth more than anything money can buy?

So, if we look back on our lives and recognise our achievments, no matter how small, surely we will all be able to say that we have been successful and be proud of ourselves, won’t we?

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