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View From The Top

Welcome to “Quesada Focus” and to my monthly column “A View From The Top”. Hopefully you will find my rambling readable maybe even enjoyable. You may agree or you may disagree with my views.. I care not.. These are my views long held and forged over a life time of work, travel and experience. Now that’s over let’s have a look at what is really winding me up...

The National Secular Society. A few weeks ago a British Judge ruled that the Local Council in Bideford in the county of Devon could not start council meetings with a prayer. The judge ruled that the council were in breach of some local government by law and that they (the Council) should cease the practice of saying a prayer before meetings immediately. The judge made the ruling because a member of the said council who is also an atheist made an official complaint to the local government ombudsman who in turn pushed the complaint onto the judiciary. The complaint was made by the atheist person despite the fact that the council had voted on a couple of occasions to maintain the traditional “prayer start” to their meetings. The National secular society (believe in nothing but yourselves) said this was a result for the sane amongst us. My issue with these people is simply one of beliefs and faiths. Surely if I have a personal belief and a personal faith then it is for me and me alone to decide whether I practise that faith. What I do not need is someone from a secular fundamentalist group telling me whether I can hold a religious faith or not. I understand that God may not be everyone’s cup of tea... however the last time I looked Britain was a tolerant free democratic society based on a tradition of Christian belief. I for one wish to exercise my beliefs without being subjected to the whims of a judge spurred on by a secularist. It is worth noting also that the last time I looked the British sausage society had more members than the secularist society and a much better web site in Love Breaking News... Eric Pickles (something nice with pork) the local Government Minister has just annulled the judge’s decision using yet another local council statute. The good people of Bideford and elsewhere may now once again pray to God before meetings. It’s all a matter of choice.


Quesada Focus

Just who is Running Britain? Just seen the news that a retired British businessman Christopher Tappin has been extradited to the United States and is now in a prison in Texas awaiting investigation for allegedly selling batteries to Iran.

These batteries were for use in missiles. He, Mr Tappin has been dressed in an orange jump suit and has had his feet chained up. The fear must be that this retired British pensioner will make a break for it and outrun his jailers. The British government extradited Mr Tappin under the terms of a USA--- British agreement... No ifs... No buts... if they want you, off you jolly well go. No evidence needs to be produced... apparently it's enough for them just to request your extradition. Put this in context with the fact that in Britain terrorists who are wanted in several countries are not only protected via the European court of Human Rights they are also given a nice house to live in with the promise that everything for them and their families will be provided on benefits. It’s a funny old world is it not!

Quesada Town is Falling Down. On occasion I have cause to drive around Quesada on missions for friends and family... ‘can you help with this’, or her indoors needs me to go shopping etc... Coming up from the golf course via the long hill the other day I was shocked to see that several sections of the hill on the left of the road have been cordoned off because of the sandstone falling from the hillside onto the pavement. This got me thinking about how zillions of years ago Quesada must have been under water and how the whole area is full of fossils.

You only have to dig a couple of spade fulls or chip away at a sandstone rock to find the fossil evidence. These thoughts were still in my head when I walked into my favourite watering hole and had my fossil theory confirmed.... they were everywhere. It’s only a bit of fun.

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