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Interviewing Dress for Success

As you seek employment, every advantage you can get is important -- especially that first impression! Appropriate dress in the workplace varies from organization to organization, so be observant. When it comes to dressing for an interview most employers agree that dressing conservatively is best. The following are a few suggestions for conservative and business casual dress. No matter which form of dress you wear, remember good grooming is important.

Conservative Dress For Women. A suit with a knee-length skirt (or pants) and blouse is appropriate. Shoes should be closed-toe, in good repair, polished and with a moderate heel.Wear sheer hosiery.

For Men. A suit and tie is best with dress shoes. A long- sleeved dress shirt with solid, stripes, or small pattered tie is appropriate. Wear dark socks and dress shoes that are polished and in good repair.

Business Casual For Women. A knee-length skirt (not too long or too short) or nice pants with a blouse or sweater is appropriate. Avoid shorts, sneakers, t-shirts, and too much jewelry.

For Men. A shirt with a collar that buttons is best although a nice polo shirt is acceptable with slacks, not jeans. Avoid shorts, sneakers, and t-shirts.

Tips for Dressing for Success

 Before your start date, ask for guidance about attire.

 Once you’re on the job, pay attention to how your co-workers dress.

 Neat, clean and pressed are the adjectives you want associated with your attire.

 In building your wardrobe for work, stick to “classic,” not trendy. Choose pieces that will outlast the latest fashion.

 Let your career aspirations dictate your dress: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

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