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Opinion Hundreds of mourners

filled Chandler Center for the Arts late last month to say farewell to the matriarch of one of Chandler’s most prominent pioneer families. Audrey June Stall Ryan, a

Chandler native, died peacefully Feb. 21, 19 years to the day after she lost her husband of 43 years, Robert David Ryan. Audrey was born to Adah

Ware Stall and John Franklin Stall May 28, 1927 in the old Le Seuer home in Mesa, used for delivering babies at the time. The site would eventually become Southside District Hospital. She joined big brother Klyle on the family farm, 160 acres of land on the north- west corner of Cooper and Germann roads in Chandler. With the Great Depression of 1929, the fam-

March 3 - 16, 2012 37

Ryan matriarch cherished family, community

is now in that location. During her high school

Audrey June Stall Ryan Submitted photo

years, Audrey was a cheer- leader and very active in any civic or extracurricular activity that came her way, a tradition she continued throughout her entire life. During this time, the Stall family lived in a small house on Buffalo Street across from the San Marcos. The home no longer stands and it has been replaced by condominiums. Years ear- lier, her dad, Pop Stall, worked as a trim carpenter during the construction and

finish work of the San Marcos Hotel. Upon her high school graduation, Audrey

ily found themselves impoverished and could- n’t pay back taxes. The family farm, which Audrey’s grandfather, David Washington Stall had homesteaded since 1910, was lost because they could not pay the $400 tax bill to save the land. Audrey’s father then went to work for the

Robinson family, who ran the San Marcos Hotel. The Stalls moved to the Robinson farm on the corner of Pecos and McQueen roads. Audrey attended Cleveland Elementary School and Chandler High School, graduating from high school in 1945. When she was 15, Audrey got a job at the

Rowena movie theatre on Boston Street, work- ing for Joe and Alice Woods. In 1944 the Woods built a new theatre, The Parkway, and Audrey continued to work for them. The his- toric downtown Chandler restaurant El Zocalo

attended nursing school in Tucson at St. Mary’s Hospital. After becoming a surgical nurse, she came back home and worked for Southside District Hospital in Mesa, on the same piece of land where she was born 21 years earlier. Robert David Ryan came into her life in the

fall of 1948. He invited Audrey to a dance at the San Marcos Hotel Oct. 4 and they danced all night. After they both went home and told their moms “This is the one!” Bob proposed Feb. 14, 1949 and they were married two months later on Easter Sunday, April 17. They settled into their new home and new

life south of Chandler while operating their cotton farm and raising four very active boys. Audrey gave so much of her time, talent and love to the community, with a special fondness in her heart for PEO, Chandler Service Club, Boy Scouts of America, Chandler Public Library, Chandler Regional Hospital, the Chandler Historical Society and Chandler

See Ryan Page 38 Oops...

In the Feb. 18 issue on page 61, we had a story about the upcoming Chandler Jazz Festival, and showed a photo of Papa John DeFrancesco, but the caption said Joey

DeFrancesco, who is Papa’s son. Bart Salzman said he wanted to get Joey to perform, but he is on tour. We apologize for that error.

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