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• By Gour Kanjilal

Why International Tourism Board eyeing on India’s outbound?

Here are some reasons that will catch your eyes too...

INDIA is one of the f a s t e s t - g r owi n g o u t b o u n d t r a v e l markets in the world. And the International tourism departures

from India have grown high comparing last few years. In 2010, approximately 12.99 million Indians travelled abroad.

The outbound travel market in India has grown at an average of 10 to 15% in the last five years from 4.9 million travelers in 2002 to 12.99 million in 2010 according to the statistics data available with the Ministry of Tourism. Share of India's rank international tourist arrivals is just 0.6% we need to reach at least 1% by 2012/13.

Top destinations for outbound were UK followed by the USA and SriLanka. The other international markets for India are France, Canada, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Italy, Singapore, the Netherlands and South Korea. Now China is a popular outbound destination in 2011 since 2009.

2011 showed an upward trend which indicates that outbound tourism from India is having a healthy growth which is much better than inbound tourism to India which is around 11% and


last year international arrival was 5.78 million in 2010. In the outbound market bookings from Mumbai were mainly for Europe and the South Asian trinity of Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia (favourable destinations of the first time travelers). From Delhi, the highest demand was for Australia and New Zealand, though interest in these countries is also picking up in Mumbai. USA, Srilanka and China also continued to be favourite with Western India while Istanbul and Budapest generated interest in Delhi. For the South travelers, Middle East, apart from South East Asia, USA and Europe have engaged their fancy. Majority of travel abroad was for family vacations,

especially from smaller metros. However, other than the metro cities small metros like Nagpur, Vishakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Nasik, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Amritsar, Ludhiana are also showing a positive growth towards outbound tourism since mid 2006.

Average daily spend per person was between US $ 75 – US$ 200 with hotel choices varying from 3 to 5 star. This does not include the air passage and the substantial amount they spent on shopping. Infact in this respect India stands higher spender in outbound market compared to many developed countries. This has now Quantified by the opening

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