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Salem Community Patriot | March 16, 2012 - 9 Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Area News Group or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Area News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

“Thumbs down to the SOS group, what gall to tell people if they cannot afford more taxes then move out of Salem. Perhaps they should move out instead! You can’t keep raising the taxes all the time.”

“Thumbs up to all the New Hampshire women

who turned out in Concord on March 7th for the Day of Action standing up for Women’s Health Rights! You definitely sent a message to the Republicans who want to take away women’s rights! It was wonderful to see so many women standing for what they believe in! Next we have to vote those people who are trying to take away our rights out of office!”

“Thumbs down to Democracy, where half the

town can vote away the rights of the other half. This country was founded on personal freedoms, but those freedoms are now gone due to the “D” word. How did we slip into this dangerous voting game. Vote after vote 50% of our freedoms are stripped away until there are no freedoms left. It’s mob rule. Two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. The looser is always ‘We the People’ after every vote!”

“Thumbs down to the town

vote, where it appears to give the Selectman authority I never had to give them in the first place! If I cannot force my neighbor to accept curbside pickup, how can I possibly give the town that authority to force him through a vote? The truth is, I can’t. The power is not simply created out of thin air. It’s all sleight-of-hand trickery. If I cannot force my neighbor to pay me $1,000 a year, how can I possibly give the town (a political entity created by us) that authority?”

“Thumbs down to the politician who put the hideous purple sticker across the front page of my Salem Community Patriot newspaper!”

“Thumbs up to the League of Women Voters NH for an informative, fact-based column that puts to rest the exaggerations and outright lies perpetuated by our so-called elected leaders, including Salem’s own DJ Bettencourt. These ‘leaders’ are on a partisan quest to scare the electorate into giving up our fundamental rights to vote for our representatives in government. As the League points out, voter fraud is a fabricated problem. Therefore, any ‘solutions’ demonstrate the extreme paranoia, mistrust and disdain our current elected officials hold of the entire electorate. I will never ‘produce my papers’ in order to exercise my constitutional rights, and neither should anyone reading this paper. To do so is an extremely slippery slope, along the lines of the Real ID national card system leaders of both parties have repudiated in NH in the past. Shame on our leaders like Bettencourt who

swore to uphold the constitution, and now treat all NH voters with suspicion, guilty until proved innocent.”

“Thumbs up to House Concurrent Resolution

107 (Walter Jones. March 7, 2012). Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”

“Thumbs up to Thomas Paine’s ‘Rights of Man.’

The source of our rights, our authority, was prior to recently passed laws. So do we go back to the Constitution? The Declaration of Independence? The Magna Carta? The Code of Hammurabi? Nope! Your rights today are the same as the first man and woman that stepped foot on earth. And no ‘town vote’ or elected ‘Selectman’ can take them from you!

the public. My wife and I found the event engaging and informative.”

“Thumbs up to the thumbs

on voting. They have us chasing our tail, thinking we acquire power through the vote, when all we’re really doing is taking freedoms and liberties from each other over and over and over again. Boy have they got us fooled! No more voting. Make your own personal contracts. And stop trying to vote your way into my wallet!”

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“Thumbs down to Bill Scott and his ridiculous timeline for Depot improvements. Could this guy move any slower? This intersection has been an problem for years and now this beaurocrat wants to drag his feet until 2019. Using Exit 2 construction as an excuse is weak at best. Will whoever is supposed to be overseeing this guy, please give him some motivation to get this project off the ‘conceptual’ phase and into the ‘improved’ phase? This intersection has been a failure for a long time and now it appears as the program to fix it is too!”

“Thumbs down to Stephanie

Micklon and Jane Lang. Apparently their love and obsession for big government and Obamacare is an excuse to be rude. Thank you to House Speaker Bill O’Brien and Representative DJ Bettencourt for taking the time to organize a meeting to answer constituent concerns. Keep up the good work.”

“Thumbs up to the thumbs on licenses. A ‘license’ is defined as permission to perform an act that would otherwise be illegal. Can the State give you a license to fish or hunt if it’s illegal? Of course not. They cannot issue licenses for illegal activity! So it must be legal! So why is the state making us pay for licenses if the activity is legal?”

“Thumbs down to Mrs. S.M. for her outrageous outburst at the Town Hall Meeting with our State Representatives. Her childish rant and attack against Rep. Mary Griffin was an embarrassment in front of our legislators. Can you believe this woman used to be one of our Selectmen!”

“Thumbs up to Representative Bettencourt for organizing the Town Hall Meeting for constituents to ask questions. It was good to see our Representatives doing all they can to be responsive to the concerns of the people.”

“Thumbs up to House Majority Leader

D.J. Bettencourt and the other Salem State Representatives for taking the time to organize a Town Hall-style event to answer questions from

In My Opinion...

by Bryan Donovan, Chairman, Hudson Republican Committee This is in response to the “In My Opinion” in the March 9 Hudson~Litchfield News under the heading of the League of Women Voters of NH, titled “NH Citizens Deserve Honesty from House Leadership.” The very first thing I did after reading this Op-Ed was to do an Internet search on its authors. When I see someone using a certification/title such as “Election Law

Specialist” I am curious. First hit on Bing for Joan Ashwell is from http://fundrace. stating she is a self-employed, “political consultant” and donated $645 to Hillary Clinton in 2008-2009. I am sure in some people’s mind being a political consultant for the Democrat Party and a Hillary Clinton financial supporter does kind of make you an “Election Law Specialist.” I don’t believe that for most honest, hardworking Americans that is the definition we would expect.

My next search was on website which contains a lot of useful information on campaign donations registered with the Federal Election Commission. It shows who and how much were donated. A search of the three authors turns up the “Election Law Specialist” from Durham, NH, Joan F. Ashwell with one donation of $250 to Hillary Clinton on February 7, 2008. Surprisingly the donation amount on Website doesn’t match the total on the huffingtonpost Website. Not sure exactly what that means because I am not an “Election Law Specialist” but I do find that very interesting. In my professional life I

have certifications that I have earned and used, such as MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). It is well known in the software industry that Microsoft Corporation accredits this certification. I checked the Website for the League of Woman Voters to see if “Election Law Specialist” is something that they certify and accredit. Type in “Election Law Specialist” on the Website and low and behold the only hit you receive is a posting dated January 12, 2012, by guess

“Thumbs up to State Representative and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt for his hard work organizing a legislative Town Hall Meeting to hear concerns from Salem residents. For all of the abuse and criticism he takes for doing the right thing at the State House, he still had the courage to stand before residents and answer hard questions. Bravo!”

“Thumbs down to Jane Lang for rudely interrupting Speaker O’Brien at the Town Hall Meeting. We attended to listen to the Representatives, not you. Our Salem State Representatives are doing a great job in Concord. Please grown up, Jane.”

“Thumbs down to the new management at the Great Clips in Salem. I was suspended for not attending a mandatory 8 p.m. Saturday evening meeting for which I was given less than a 24 hour notice for and after I

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was given permission to miss the meeting by the owner of the salon. This was the first meeting that I had missed in my three loyal years of service. I was also told that despite my suspension, I would be terminated if I did not attend a mandatory 2- hour product knowledge class in Massachusetts for which I was responsible for my own transportation and would be given a whopping $10.00 to cover my expenses for travel.”

“Thumbs down to curbside service. How does a Senior Citizen drag her barrels up her driveway if she’s alone? How does she take them down? Who does it for her? Right now, the man who picks up my trash does it. Will the town do that for me? No! Give’s you something to think about. Think about the senior citizens for a change. They have rights too.”

“Thumbs down to Rush Limbaugh for his hateful description of a young woman for just voicing her opinion before Congress. I learned recently that the word Republican is placed between reptile and repugnant in Websters dictionary. How fitting is that?!”

Tank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Area News staff. Tumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880- 1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Tumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Salem Edition. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

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by Bryan Donovan In Response to Election Fraud

who, “Joan Flood Ashwell, Election Law Specialist.” So if anyone knows how one goes about being able to use the title “Election Law Specialist” and the training/testing involved in the process please post it on the Web. Every American has the right to donate to campaigns in accordance with the existing laws as they see fit. In addition, Americans have the right to research into the background of those individuals that hold themselves out as specialist or experts. At least for the time being we do. Okay, now we have some understanding of who wrote this Op-

Ed, let’s look at the merits of their argument. One of the arguments against Voter ID is that there just aren’t any cases of voter fraud in New Hampshire. I interpret the second paragraph of their Op-Ed to make this contention. In the last 10 years there have been only two prosecutions of voter fraud in NH. That is not to say there haven’t been any complaints of voter fraud. There have been many. Here is just one case of voter fraud in Manchester from 2005 that has documentation available to the public. An election law complaint was filed against Geoff Wetrosky while he was the campaign Manager for Mayor Baines (Democrat). Mr. Wetrosky is a native of South Dakota and worked for Bob Baines during the 2005 campaign. While in Manchester, Wetrosky was accused of stealing political signs and was confronted by Manchester Police. Wetrosky told the police that he was living at 192 South Mammoth Road in Manchester at the house of (then) NH Democrat State Chairman Kathy Sullivan. He told police he had no intention of moving to New Hampshire and would be returning to South Dakota after the

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election. A copy of the voter checklist of Manchester (available to the public) shows that someone named Geoffrey Wetrosky from 192 South Mammoth Rd actually voted in 2005. Copies of both these documents have been submitted to Hudson~Litchfield News along with my article. So here we have a “professional” Democrat party operative that voted in New Hampshire in 2005 while not meeting the residency requirements and was not prosecuted. The question here is why wasn’t he prosecuted? Just for the fun of it do a search on “Geoff Wetrosky” and note that he was the South Dakota Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton (Democrat) in 2008. If anyone wants to see the documentation on Geoff Wetrosky and lots other NH voter fraud cases come to the May 23 meeting of the Hudson Republican Committee as we host a workshop on Voter Fraud by Ed Naile, president of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers. Also at this meeting a member of the Alvirne Young Republicans will make a presentation on the history of Democrat Party Voter Suppression based on the book American History in Black & White by David Barton. Details are available on the hudson Website. So if the League of Women Voters of NH is so concerned with the “honesty” of those proposing a voter ID bill in New Hampshire, perhaps they should be equally concerned about the honesty of those among their group that hold themselves as “Election Law Specialist” in opposition to the Voter ID bill.

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