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Salem Community Patriot | March 16, 2012 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Political Convert Has Words for Republicans

I’m proud to say that in 2008 I left the Republican

Party and became a Democrat! Why did I do this? Because the Republican Party has changed to the point that I can no longer associate myself with their values. Listening to the Republican candidates this year I am appalled.

Te idea that religion has any place in government

is precisely why the founding fathers were clear. Tere is separation of church and state. Tat is a founding principle of what democracy is all about. We just ended two wars based on our democratic principles. Did those soldiers fight and die in vain? Te candidates who don’t believe in separation of church and state are very off base and clearly dishonoring our troops who fight for democracy.

Te idea that we don’t need even more regulation - air quality, food quality, environmental quality, banking industry - is refuted by hard evidence. Te recent economic downturn was caused by lack of regulation. Global warming and the crazy weather we have been having is caused by lack of environmental regulation. Te recent food scares are caused by lax inspection and lack of regulation.

Te war against women is real. Te Republicans want to take away our rights to female medical treatment and the right to choose. Tey are conducting closed-door meetings in Washington where women are not allowed to testify on women’s issues. Te list goes on.

President Obama has stood by his principles in

support of women’s issues, separation of state and church, and closely reviewing issues which affect our environment. He has stood by our troops insisting they have decent medical care and giving them help in finding jobs upon returning home. For all of these reasons, I’m proud to be a Democrat.

D. M. Lewis - Salem

Te Misogyny of Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh’s recent insult-filled tirade against

congressional testifier Sandra Fluke is merely the latest in a 25 year litany of ugly verbosity from the Republican Party’s number one cheerleader and avatar, as well as the party’s proclaimed “most important talk-show host in America.” Wonder how most GOP incumbents feel about him now, in the current election year? Even for Limbaugh, who has made a career of spouting a stew of racist, homophobic, misogynist rant-fests for the “humorous” entertainment of his 20 million mostly-male fans, his comments last week qualified as breathtaking. Under the guise of actual political and current event discussion of the February 23 Washington, DC hearing deliberating the proposed Obamacare mandate of contraception insurance coverage for women, Limbaugh loudly denigrated the messenger instead of the message. He repeatedly called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute”, while claiming that covering her birth control use meant that taxpayers were “paying her to have sex.” Of course, intelligent observers of this tempest saw once again the usual dichotomy employed by many rightists since time immemorial regarding all things sexual: place the emphasis and blame onto the female, while ignoring the other half necessary for the act itself. Guys like Limbaugh would probably never happen upon the fact that the woman’s male partner would be indirectly “paid to have sex” as well.

Compounding the mess, Limbaugh continued the

tirade over several days, asking Fluke to distribute online sex tapes of her trysts while positing the question of who exactly purchased her condoms back in the sixth grade. All this while standing before his microphone gesticulating wildly for emphasis, adding an extremely unattractive mise en scène to his even uglier words. Tis rendered his comment “I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke” ludicrous during his predictable and insincere apology finally issued last week, after all those years of similar vilification against countless other individuals.

Limbaugh is obviously not a long-term hit with the ladies,

with four marriages under his belt. And you have to wonder if maybe the contraception subject of his attack had something to do with his childless status. Of course, birth control would be no financial problem for Limbaugh anyway with a salary of $50 million annually of his total $400 million contract. Only in America. Te good news is that over 40 sponsors, including media giant AOL and insurance company Allstate, have pulled their advertising from Limbaugh’s radio show, necessitating a flood of free public service announcements and the occasional several minutes of dead air for his fans to listen to. And there’s a nation- wide online campaign by to have Clear Channel drop his show from their broadcast schedule, which admittedly would fly in the face of our country’s important freedom of speech laws, and would open up a can of worms that most thinking people would like to remain closed. But to those said remaining fans who think that there’s been some piling on against poor Rushbo over the past week, think about how you’d feel if your wife or girlfriend had been the target of his repellent speech. Or even your sixth grade daughter. We can only hope that American women of every political stripe remember in November about the rampant bigotry and discrimination demonstrated against them every day by the sensibilities of a Republican party that has spent the past 15 years regressing back to their current medieval proposals against their gender. In general, the conservative movement has never been exactly friendly to the female demographic, and you can include minorities, gays, the poor, students and others to that mix. But with popular demagogues like Limbaugh, Rick Santorum and the Tea Party faction currently holding sway over the right-wing masses, it may be time for our distaff 51 percent to take a closer look at their own interests re: voting more of these people into positions of political power, at any level.

William F. Klessens - Salem

Bettencourt and O’Brien Answered Few Questions

I attended the Town Hall Meeting at Salem High School on Saturday evening, which gave residents of Salem, Windham and surrounding towns a chance to meeting with House Leader O’Brien and Majority Leader Bettencourt. I appreciated their taking the time to meet.

I came to the meeting thinking the representatives wanted to hear about the issues and concerns of their constituents, this is how it was billed. In a two-hour session, I felt that 90 minutes were given to the leaders lecturing the audience about their beliefs. I heard nothing to convince me they were interested in hearing the concerns. Tis was even stated by a questioner towards the end of the session, who remarked that 30-second questions were answered with five-minute lectures. Yes, we ran out of time. I want to publicly thank Rep. John Sytek and

Stephen Campbell, who both approached me afterwards with advice on where to find a solution to the question I asked, which was where to find health insurance for a family member denied for pre-existing conditions. Te leadership offered no such help, only a rebuke of what they repeatedly and derisively called “Obamacare” – known respectively as the Affordable Care Act, under which the insurance for my family member will guaranteed.

Larry Disenhof – Salem

American Freedoms We Americans have many

different respected points of view, from the time of our founders in 1776, that is what makes us a diverse country. Freedom of speech should always be upheld, and why books should not be censured to extreme or burned on purpose before a complete review of the content. Tis is what happened in many countries

A new reason to smile.

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like the Russian Communist Party in 1921 and the German socialist Nazi Party in 1938 takeover as they closed society to free speech and their party rules cost millions of people their lives. Te people had no rights, only Federal government and State control. It took two World Wars to change to a better outcome. But, socialist Europe still exists with too many controls over its peoples. One must realize, our country is in danger of being

controlled by left wing socialist liberals that spill out their ever ending controls on our freedom by killing free enterprise and promoting liberal progressive government mandates and restrictive programs. America is at a turning point, will we restore a movement to Freedom and a great future for all people or move to a Socialist

world domination in the next four years? Presently the choice is clear by those in control of the Presidency and Senate in Washington, D C, as they enact destructive government policies and laws on all hard working people. Will the American people allow them to determine our futures from the cradle to the grave and destroy America? Our brave veterans that have served our country would say no! We must maintain freedom of Religion and Speech as stated rights in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Right. et no president or group abridge that right! tand up America, “Freedom is not Free.”

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