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At Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), a team of cancer experts will work together to care for you. During your first visit, you will meet many team members. Your official appointment time may begin with any member of your team. Te attending doctor who directs your care may not be the first person you meet. All the members of your cancer care team communicate with each other to plan and give your treatment.

Te following list tells how different team members contribute to your care. If you would like to know more about the role of any member of your health care team, please ask. Your team members want you to feel comfortable and supported.

Your official appointment time may begin with any member of your team.

The attending doctor may not be the first person you meet.



• Attending doctors are experienced oncologists (cancer specialists) and surgeons. Tey direct your care.

• A fellow is a licensed doctor who has completed medical school and three or more years of specialty training.

• A resident has completed medical school and earned the title of doctor.

• Medical students and interns are in the process of earning their medical degrees. Tey help with your care while in training with your attending doctor.

Other Health Care Providers

• Nurse-practitioners have an advanced nursing degree. Tey do exams and procedures and can write prescriptions. Nurse-practitioners can also admit patients to the hospital.

• Physician assistants have two or more years of advanced training. Tey work with doctors and can do some things a doctor does such as perform exams and procedures.


• Te registered nurses at HCI are trained to work with people who have cancer. Tey can answer many of your questions about your care and help you cope with side effects of your treatment. Many HCI nurses have completed specialized cancer training to become oncology certified nurses (OCN).

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