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2006 Issue Number 1


Journal of The Association of

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Small Historic Towns and Villages of the UK


Older people can now expect to live longer than those in the past, and future generations can expect to live longer still

M.P. Steve Webb spoke to Parliament about Making Planning Fairer

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An average man aged 65 today can expect to live a further 19 years

By 2051, his counterpart can expect to live a further 21 years, almost double the life expectancy of a 64 year old man a century earlier

By 2051 then projected life expectancy at birth for males will have risen to 84 and 88 for females

The average age for first-time buyers in the UK is 33 and rising

Let’s learn from Milton Keynes

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With support, older people are living longer in their own homes.

The transition to the third age is accepted to be 55

Put these facts together and one conclusion emerges: people will live longer in their homes as an “oldster” than they did as young or middle aged adults

Thus, the design and provision of appropriate housing for the over 55 age-group must be a priority.

Young and Old Living Together

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English Courtyards has been operating in this sector for a quarter of a century. ASHTAV heard the story at its AGM.

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