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March 2012 A Message from the Desk of the CEO

Once again on April 1 the Cypress Health Region will begin a new fi scal year. This time of year is synonymous with refl ection of the previous year and anticipation of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.


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construction phase of this new fac construction phase of this new facility. and built in a way that will truly put the patient fi rst.

One of our largest projects in the upcoming fi scal year will be the new Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility in Maple Creek. We continue to move closer towards the It is being designed The

schematic design of the facility was approved in January 2012 and we are now awaiting approval of the detailed design. These two design stages used a holistic approach by engaging staff champions, management, community members, architects, and specialized consultants. We are confi dent and excited that this facility will create a new, world class model of health service delivery to residents and travellers in the community. Watch for the large sign that is currently being designed that will be placed at the future site of the Southwest Integrated Healthcare Facility.

As we look ahead, we will continue to advocate for funding for new facilities in Leader and Swift Current. A signifi cant amount of planning has already been completed for the proposed integrated facility in Leader.

Most recently, the community

welcomed Lean expert David Chambers to simulate what a new facility could look like, how program areas could be better designed, and how patient fl ows could be optimized. In Swift Current we are continuing to work with a number of partners to fi nd synergies that could be realized if an integrated facility was to be constructed.

Our three long term care facilities

in Swift Current are aging and we are working hard to secure funding to begin replacing these into a new, effi cient, integrated facility.

One of the opportunities that we are excited to lead in the new fi scal year is Community Planning Processes. We have recently recruited a Community Planning Facilitator for a term position. In the next year this staff member will work with the communities of Ponteix, Cabri, Mankota, and Gull Lake to work through this planning process. This new framework is designed to consult with communities to not only identify and understand their specifi c health needs, but also prioritize which of their health needs are the most important. This process involves members of the community and provides an avenue to create safe, sustainable communities capable of prosperity. We look forward to working with these four communities in the upcoming year and to offer the Community Planning Process

to other areas throughout the region in the future. Another exciting opportunity in the upcoming fi scal year is the introduction of strategic deployment. As a province we are currently working on a profound shift in the way we do health system strategy planning and deployment.


health system is committed to better health, better care, better value, and better teams. A ‘must do, can’t fail’ approach is being taken in areas of surgical access, primary health care, workplace injuries, and patient safety.

Strategic deployment

will be a signifi cant change to the way we currently work and is being done to create a better experience for you, our patients, customers, and clients.

It is an exciting time for not only the Cypress Health Region, but the entire Saskatchewan health system.

The Cypress

Health Region is continuing to work hard to achieve its vision of being a Leader in Rural Health Excellence and are very excited for the many opportunities that are before us not only in the 2012/13 fi scal year, but over the next three years, fi ve years, and beyond.

Beth Vachon CEO

Cypress Health Region

Issue 20

Using Technology to Deliver High Quality Health Services Telehealth Connects Cypress Communities to a World of Health Professionals

Imagine high quality health services and access to specialists from across the globe without the need to travel to larger centres like Saskatoon or Regina.

This is available right

now, right here in the Cypress Health Region through the use of a point to point communications system known as Telehealth.

Telehealth is a service that provides medical consultation and services to rural areas of the region through videoconferencing. The system allows Cypress Health Region patients to communicate with health professionals from across the world using televisions and web-cameras. Simply put, Telehealth allows you to see and speak with your health professional located anywhere in the world on a specialized television, and allows that health professional to see and speak to you.

Telehealth has been welcomed into the Cypress Health Region to save patients from having to travel long distances in order to visit physicians, specialists, and other health professionals in person. It eliminates the need to travel long distances while still allowing for personal, confi dential communication with your healthcare professionals.

Within Cypress Health, Telehealth units have been installed and are currently functional at the Cypress Regional Hospital (Swift Current), Prairie Health Care Centre (Cabri), Leader Hospital, Shaunavon Hospital and Care Centre, Wolf

Inside This Issue

Capital Update Pages 2 & 3

An update on the status of capital projects in Maple Creek, Swift Current, and Leader.

Driving Improvements Page 4

The Patient Experience Survey shows how patients evaluate and understand their hospital stay and drives improvements to healthcare service delivery.


Planning Process Page 7

A Community Planning Process provides communities with a voice in the design and delivery of healthcare services for their residents.

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Willow Health Centre (Eastend), Maple Creek Hospital, Herbert and District Integrated Health Facility, and Gull Lake Special Care Centre. Each of these facilities are able to use this videoconferencing technology to link patients to health professionals from across the globe.

Some examples of the specialists available through Telehealth include, but are not limited to: child psychiatry, pediatric surgery, memory clinic, internal medicine, pediatric rheumatology,

wound/ostomy clinics,

obstetrics/gynecology, rehab medicine, satellite dialysis clinic, adult psychology,

and genetics. All of these services can be brought to you at your closest facility through the technology of Telehealth.

To access and use Telehealth you may speak with your physician or specialist about whether or not your specialist clinical appointments are appropriate for Telehealth. Telehealth clinical appointments are initiated by your clinical provider (your physician, specialist, nurse practitioner, or other health professional) who contacts the Cypress Health Region’s Telehealth Coordinator on your behalf. Once the Telehealth Coordinator is contacted by your healthcare professional an appointment is booked for you.

The Telehealth Coordinator will contact you in advance of the appointment to confi rm the date, time, and location.

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This Telehealth unit at the Shaunavon Hospital and Care Centre has been in use since its installation in 2009


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