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Physician Recruitment in the Cypress Health Region An Update on Physician Recruitment Across the Region

With services being provided to nearly 45,000 people in the region, physician recruitment continues to be a key priority for the Cypress Health Region

The region is continuing to work with Physician

Recruitment Committees, who provide support with lodging, community knowledge, and general region information, in order to successfully recruit qualifi ed physicians to all communities.

Leader, SK

The community of Leader currently has two full time doctors. A full complement of physicians is three full time physicians.

Dr. Mohd Hoque began providing services in the Cypress Health Region on September 29, 2010. He needed to work towards his provisional license through a formalized assessment process. Dr. Hoque successfully completed this assessment in December 2011 and has since been working in the community on a full time basis.

Dr. Monga-N’Dimo Palangi has been practicing in the community since March 22, 2010 and is also a full time physician in Leader.

The region recently received the resignation of Dr. Kofi Amu-Darko who left the community on February 24, 2012 to pursue other career options. Dr. Amu-Darko began working with the region on June 6, 2011. The region has worked hard to retain the services of Dr. Amu-Darko but were not successful in these attempts.

The Cypress Health Region has already begun to aggressively recruit a third physician to the community of Leader to restore a full physician complement.

Maple Creek, SK A full complement of physicians in the community of Maple Creek is four full time physicians.

Maple Creek

currently has two full time and one part time practicing physicians.

Dr. Rajan Govender and Dr. Kabuya Mudingayi (a.k.a. Dr. Joe) are the two longest serving physicians in the community. Dr. Govender has been practicing full time in the community since September 23, 2009 and Dr. Joe

has been working in Maple Creek since July 21, 2008.

Dr. Ivo Radevski, who is the Cypress Health Region’s Senior Medical Offi cer on a part time basis, has been providing part time physician services in the community since late 2009. Dr. Radevski is in Maple Creek each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Dr. Chikaodi Odunze has been working hard to clear the Physician Credentials Registry of Canada (PCRC), an organization who validates the training of foreign physicians, and has now had her training verifi ed.

The Cypress Health Region is working with Dr. Odunze to determine a start date that will work for her and her family to relocate to Canada and begin her medical practice. The region is hopeful that Dr. Odunze and her family will join the community in the summer of 2012.

Shaunavon, SK

In the community of Shaunavon a full complement of physicians is three on a full time basis. The community currently has two full time practicing physicians: Dr. Pierre Louwrens and Dr. Siva Balasingam.

Spurred by the recent growth in the community, the Cypress Health Region and community of Shaunavon are optimistic that the potential for a fourth physician in the community will be possible in the near future.

Swift Current, SK In Swift Current, the region has been working hard to recruit a handful of specialty positions.

Dr. James Paintsil, an Anaesthesiologist, completed his tenure with the region March 1, 2012. Cypress Health currently has three Anaesthesiologists who have expressed interest in this position and are optimistic that a replacement will be recruited shortly to join current Anaesthesiologists Dr. Boniface Lubega and Dr. Ebenezer Adwedda. Each of the three Anaesthesiologists who have shown interest in the position are currently practicing in Canada.

The region is recruiting an Internist to join Dr. Ted Khonje and Dr. Rosemary Serwadda since the departure of Dr. Tarek Sobka on January 31, 2012. The region has found an Internist who is interested in fi lling this vacancy and

is hopeful that this specialty service will return to a full complement in the near future.

The Cypress Regional Hospital is currently enjoying the services of General Surgeon Dr. Aqeel Ghori, however, has been without the services of its second General Surgeon, Dr. Afzaal Ahmad, for the past several months. Dr. Ahmad has been dealing with family issues in the United Kingdom and is expected to return in April 2012.

Recruitment for a third Psychiatrist continues to be ongoing. The Cypress Health Region has been in discussion with a Psychiatrist from Alberta, who is interested in joining the region, and who is currently working towards receiving a licensure to practice in Saskatchewan.

For a complete listing of physicians in the Cypress Health Region please visit

Physician Profi le: Dr. Janna Tumbach

Ph Dr

Dr. Janna Tumback was born and raised in the community of Maple Creek.

an of

rec ce of Sa

As Tu

necessary two year In 2004 she

received her Doctor of Medicine certifi cation at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) in Saskatoon, SK.

As a trained physician, Dr. Tumbach completed her

necessary two year residency in Prince Albert. Once completed, she stayed on to practice as a General Physician in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region.

Wanting to return to her roots, Dr. Tumbach has returned to the area and is now based in Swift Current at the Associate Family Physicians Clinic.

Dr. Tumbach has also been involved in the U of S Medical Training Program where she assists in the training of students in the Doctor of Medicine program.

Driving Improvements in Our Hospitals Patient Feedback from Acute Care Experience Survey Highly Valued

Since 2007 the Cypress Health Region has participated in the Health Quality Council’s Acute Care Patient Experience Survey. The survey is a tool used by the Cypress Health Region to evaluate and understand how patients view their in-hospital experience. The survey assesses the Health Region’s performance in nine key areas including: Communication with Doctors, Communication with Nurses, Care Transitions, Responsiveness of Staff to Request for Help, Communication About Medications, Pain Control, Patient and Family Centred Care, and Overall Rating of Care

The data collected in this survey is used to drive future improvements and is important for the region to understand which areas of improvement to focus on.

encourages all of its patients to complete the brief survey.

Who can Participate? Those who have been inpatients at the Herbert and District Integrated Health Facility, Leader Hospital, Shaunavon Hospital and Care Centre, Maple Creek Hospital, and Cypress Regional Hospital are eligible to participate in this survey. Survey respondents are randomly and confi dentially selected to participate on a monthly basis. Each person randomly selected from a hospital’s patient list will receive a letter from the Health Quality Council along with the survey package inviting them to participate.

How are the Results Used? From the time the fi rst surveys were distributed in 2007 to the present, the Cypress Health Region has utilized the continuously updated results in a number of ways. First, monthly monitoring of the results takes place at Board of Director and Senior Leadership Team meetings, while a quarterly review of specifi c results takes place with facility managers. The results assist the region’s Leadership and Staff Teams in identifying areas where hospitals are meeting patient needs, and also in identifying areas where improvements are needed.

4 The region

Survey results have stimulated a number of quality improvement initiatives in the region’s fi ve hospitals. The monthly survey results are often the performance measure for these quality improvement efforts and tell the teams whether or not the changes being made are successful.

An example of a team using survey results for improvement is the Meals Team at the Cypress Regional Hospital. Upon reviewing patient feedback regarding the taste, quality, and temperature of meals, the team tested using different delivery routes and delivery containers in order to ensure that patients receive the hottest meals possible.

We Need Your Help! A big component in being confi dent about the results of any survey involves the response rate. Over time, the number of people returning the Patient Experience Survey has declined, as seen in the graph. In the fi scal year 2008/09 nearly half of the surveys distributed were completed and returned. In the most recent year (2011/12), however, the number of returned surveys has dropped by close to 10%.

While the Cypress Health Region monitors and uses all of the survey results, fewer people responding to the survey

makes it more diffi cult to know if any of the implemented changes are benefi cial. Therefore, it is very important that as many people return the survey as possible. If you are selected to complete a Patient Experience Survey, it is appreciated if you take the time to fi ll it out and return it. Your answers and comments are completely confi dential and help each hospital work towards improving their performance and sustaining progress over time, resulting in an improved healthcare experience for users.

The monthly updates of Patient Experience Survey results are available online at

The 2010 Patient Experience in Cypress Health Region Hospital’s report completed from the results of the survey is available online at servicereports.htm. You are encouraged to take the opportunity to look at the results. Should you have any questions about the survey or results, please contact the Cypress Health Region’s Quality Department at (306) 778-5422.

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