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ESTATE AGENTS’ COMMENTS SALES Tina Evans at Frank Harris: At th time of going to press we h Barbican property we h h

ence our advertisement in th only for properties outside of th Th

e Barbican remains th

e ave sold every

ad on our books, is issue is e estate.

e most sough e styles wh t

o register with us. People come to us because of our in-depth knowledge of th estate, for example th in each block and th prices. W

e background of th e are th

members of staff living on th estate, and also an office on th below Willough

by House. don’t h an informal ch

after property area with potential buyers wh


ich occur e

e only agent with two e Barbican

If you are considering selling please esitate to call us even if it’s just for at.

Nick Scott at Scott City:So 2012 h e puzzle for th Olympics. Th as

arrived, we are all waiting with excitement as London puts the final pieces in th

e start of Th e

particularly Stratford and surrounding area is awash with new residential developments springing up all over th place. If only th th

e e City wh ere we h e security th as to offer. Th

e same could be said of ave large numbers of

individuals and investors looking to buy with th h

for sale continues to be a problem. Th

is lack of stock h th estate h igh e City and particularly th e Square Mile. I th

is district of London e income from rental

property is a very attractive investment and consequently demand continues to grow but th

e Barbican

month for now well over a year resulting in th in th

continue in a similarfash aven.

our own economic uncertainty th will remain asafe h

recession?! 2012 h

e Euro situation and e City

ave continued to rise month on e h est prices on record being paid

ink 2012 will ion with stock

levels being low and demand continuing to grow even with th

Leon Stone at Hamptons International:

demand for properties in and around th

e lack of Barbican apartments as meant prices in

Glen Cook at Hamilton Brooks: Looking at th year, th

is migh

e number of flats sold last

indeed, down to 70/80 from a peak of 125. Unfortunately th th

e transaction levels were very low is year we th

difficult to pin down any single reason for low transaction levels; I suspect th reason is th of h

at if you were in th your main h as not h

aving a flat to sell, wh ome, and th

cash surplus, wh e sale gave you a

that surplus? That coupled with a perceived ‘Olympic Effect’ wh h

e podium placing property on th is, th

at we are in a sh

picks up, prices will level out. I predict th th th

demand, and low supply, once th is will h

appen after th

e ‘perceived effect’ will h ink we will th Th

e East End of London wh en competition is less.

LETTINGS Nick Scott: Rental property is widely seen as a good asset with quality tenants h

elping fuel th rents over th

e increase we h Glen Cook: Th

e market to be sold. e Lettings Market is

e Olympics, wh en see more supply.

until everyone else starts selling, do it before th

erefore, my advice, is don’t wait e Olympics and get a better price

en ave gone. I

at would you do with ich so far

appened, is keeping sellers from e market. My view ort term bubble of e supply

rents have stopped increasing. Good quality, newly decorated, well furnish

ieve good rents. Th e first h

ed, tired flats e

alf focus now for Landlords is presentation.

Hurford Salvi Carr: The rental market h

ad been subdued in th

of 2011, but there was the normal seasonal increase in activity in th h

e second th

alf. Our evidence, h at th

ave seen in

and secure returns on your investment being a main contributor to th stock coming to th

certainly tougher than a year ago, demand h

e last two years giving solid e lack of

previous years. As a result transaction levels were lower th of 2010, but on th were h er. Wh 2011 th

summer was less pronounced th an in th

e oth igh ere h er h ereas in th

e second h e first h


and rents alf of

ad been no evidence of

rental growth for two bedroom units, in the second half rent levels for two bedroom units increased by 6% and for one bedroom units by 5%. In Midtown and City th

e entry level for renting for a as dropped by about 10% and

studio or one bedroom flat is £350 per week.

e pick-up in activity after th an in

owever, indicates e


apartments will be let very well, but dated, and poorly furnish will struggle to ach

One bed apartment on the top floor of Defoe House to let by Frank Harris at £425/week


t be even lower. It is very e main

e position ich was not

Recession? What as seen unprecedented e

e market, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in e number of properties going to Best Bids and selling for over th

Realistic and accurate pricing is key, as well as using an agent th

maximum marketing and exposure. 51

e asking price. at can offer you

Square Mile, and due to a limited supply of good quality properties coming onto th th

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