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on many levels, including the connection with others and channeling energy in a positive way. In these more social boxing-based exercise classes we can hit the bag hard, be acknowledged for our strength and power and leave the studio feeling fantastic.

If we feel happier then we work

better. The 2009 Macleod report states that companies with less angry, stressed employees could achieve a 43% rise in revenue compared to their grumpy, miserable counterparts.

And maybe more importantly, if Bi-Aura healing – a complimentary therapy

Barbican resident, Diana Altman, describes the theory and practice of an unusual method of healing which is claimed to produce excellent results.


here are many Complimentary Therapies to explore, studies indicate that people who consult Complimentary Practitioners usually have long standing conditions for which conventional medicine has not provided a satisfactory resolution. Have you ever heard of Bi-Aura Therapy?

Diana Altman who lives in the Barbican is a practitioner of this unusual method of healing which has been in the UK for nearly twelve years.

So how does it work? The origins of Bi-Aura can be found in the traditions of the East; it is a healing technique of which its principles and mechanisms are based on the free flow of vital energy known as Chi and the rebalancing of the body’s natural energy fields. Most people know about Acupuncture and how the points are used, run along invisible energetic lines. These points are vortexes of energy and are known as small chakras; in the centre of the body the lines intersect forming larger centre’s of energy these centre’s are the main chakras. We all have this energy system and when this vital energy is flowing freely through our body, it generates good health and well being. However when our energy system becomes blocked, this can be due to several things, such as injury, trauma, and emotional and mental stress, which effects and blocks up the body’s energy system, in the same way a traffic jam blocks the road. The Bi- Aura practitioner, rebalances the

body’s natural energy field by clearing the blocked energy, it then enables the body’s own healing ability to start healing itself again. At the beginning of a session, clients are asked to remove their shoes, watch and jewellery, but otherwise remain fully clothed throughout the session. The treatment is carried out both standing and sitting. The way the practitioner makes energy contact with the client is by using the hands with minimal physical contact, where an exchange of energy takes place within the client’s electromagnetic field. Because the movements are carried out at some speed it can be quite distracting to observe, and clients are asked to close their eyes.

Clients who have tried Bi-Aura

express, finding relief from their ailment and the feeling of relaxation and well being. As one clients comments: “About th

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So if you are looking for an alternative, in addition to conventional medicine, Bi-Aura Therapy may well be the answer for you. Minimum 4 x 60 Minute sessions recommended.

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we are happier then so are those around us – partners, friends, family, children. And for the next generation shouldn’t we be showing them how to be fit, healthy and manage stress and anger successfully?

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