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Top shots on display

ENTRIES for the second Royal Navy Amateur Photographic (VSEL) Competition reflect- ed the widespread deployments of RN ships during the year with photographs from all over the world featuring in the competition.

Indies by LS(EW) Stuart Ball, serving in HMS Alacrity, second place went to LSA Steve Prior with a panoramic view of HMS Endurance in snowbound Dorian Bay in the Antarctic, while third prize was shared by MEM(M) Karl Girdle- stone, of HMS Alacrity, with a shot of a USN hydrofoil in the Gulf of Mexico, and LSA Harry Home closer to home with a picture taken at London's Tower Bridge. Although the number of entries was some-

The winning entry was taken in the West

what less than for the first competition, the overall quality was very high. The "lazy-hazy" West Indies atmosphere is well-captured by Stuart Bell's "HMS Alacrity takes a break" with the ship anchored off of Pidgeon Point, Tobago. Harry Home records the excitement and col-

building and Engineering Limited (VSEL), with three cash prizes — £250 for the winner, with £150 and £100 respectively for second and third.

cover any naval subject, portraying a good, modern image of the Service, and winning en- tries may be used in PR and recruiting literature (and, of course, are featued in Navy News!).

Photographs entered for the competition can

have been taken since October 1 1990, can be accepted from now until the closing date, November 1 1991.

Pictures for the third competition, which must

mum size Sin. x 7m., maximum Sin. x 10in., colour or black-and-white, and each one titled.

AM entries should be mounted on card, mini-

our of the fireworks over the Royal Yacht, HMS Broadsword and HMS Belfast during the Queen Mother's 90th birthday celebrations, in a techni- cally excellent photograph. The competition, open to all serving in the RN,

RM, WRNS and QARNNS, other than the Photo- graphic Branch, is sponsored by Vickers Ship-

The address for entries is: DPR(N) (VSEL Trophy), Room 0375, Ministry of Defence Main Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB.

AH photos submitted must have the following information attached: Full name, rank/rate, Ser- vice number, Ship/unit and a brief caption — when/where rather than exposure/camera details.

• Above: LSA Harry Home's third place entry taken during the Queen Mother's 90th birthday celebrations at London's Tower Bridge.

• Right: The winning entry, "HMS Alacrity takes a break", by LS(EW) Stuart Bell.



DURING a visit to HMS Raleigh the Princess Royal took the salute at the first ever Passing Out Parade of direct en- try WRNS artificers about to start their tech- nical training and took the opportunity to speak to many of " trainees, inclut JWRENSTD CatheniK Beaton, pictured right.

cess Royal was met b captain of HMS Ral Capt. John Wright, ei tive officer Cdr. Ian Cla pham and Rear-Admira Ian Pirnie.

On her arrival the

Entry Block, where sh watched a presentati integrated training an New Entry trainees, whom had been ii Navy for only four she moved on tc Writers' School and ming pool to view tra involved in sea su training.

After a tour of the Ne

Falklands remembers River Plate

A TRIPLE plaque presentation in Stanley marked the role of the Falkland Islands in the Battle of the River Plate more than half a century ago.

frigate of the name which is now on a tour of duty in the Falklands, was refitting in Port Stanley when the call came to steam at speed to join the affray off Montevideo. Prominent in the action with the German pocket battleship

Heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland, predecessor of the present

tion, in which Capt. Geoffrey Billson. commanding officer of the Cumberland and a former CO of the latest HMS Exeter, handed crests of both ships to former Royal Marine Mr John Smith, curator of Stanley Museum. He also presented a plaque donated by the New Zealand Battle of the River Plate Association.

Graf Spee was the cruiser HMS Exeter. On board in the thick of the action was young Royal Marines officer A. Toase, later awarded the DSC for his part in the battle. Mr Toase, a resident of Stanley, attended a recent presenta-

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