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which are not suitable for standard student allocation. Priority is then given to international students with partners.

In circumstances where a student and his/her non- student partner are accommodated, the room allocation to the partner and/or dependants will be charged at an enhanced rate (equivalent to the standard guest room rate). The student is responsible for the total licence fee for the rooms allocated to him/herself and dependants.

Information on finding lodgings or private rented accommodation is available for those students who wish to continue living with their families or dependants. Where the circumstances of students living in University accommodation change during their period of residence, the Head of Residential Allocations will provide those who wish to live with their families or dependants with information to assist them in finding lodgings or accommodation in the private rented sector (Please note that the University has no responsibility for finding and arranging such accommodation; this is the student’s responsibility).

We strongly advise that students come on their own and find suitable accommodation for their family/dependants before bringing their family to England.

Students who are allocated University accommodation sign a contract committing them to pay the licence fee for that property for the duration of their period of occupancy (for 2012-2013 this will be 41 weeks). If a student wished to bring their family to England and found suitable accommodation in the private sector, then they would be released from their contract on condition that their room could be let to another student (otherwise the student will be liable for the licence fee for the University accommodation even though they have vacated it). An alternative is for students wishing to bring families to take (non-university) lodgings accommodation in the first instance whilst they look for family accommodation.

If both husband and wife are in their first year of study (at UH) then both are eligible for University accommodation - they can apply for accommodation and they will be allocated with their preferences and availability being taken into account. Couples where both members are students may apply for double rooms or flats in halls if they wish.

Deposits Deposits and Accommodation Charges:

A current payment for your deposit of £400 for accommodation is requested when the contract for accommodation is issued to the student.

Completion of details of your payment for accommodation charges for the year is also required at that time.

These must be provided within 7 days of our accommodation offer to secure the booking.

12 Accommodation Guide 2012

Please note that failure to take up the accommodation place offered will result in forfeiture of deposit. The deposit of £400 is held for the duration of your tenancy, after which it wil be refunded to you less deductions for fines or charges (if any) or any other outstanding debt to the University. In any contact with Residential Allocations, please provide your full names, date of birth and ID number (if known). This will enable us to deal with your enquiry more promptly. Residential Allocations e-mail address is:

What to bring We provide bedding packs consisting of duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case and sheet (all new). The charge for this is included in your weekly licence fee. These packs are personal to you and if a room change takes place then it is your responsibility to transfer your linen in the same way as your other personal belongings.

You will probably need to buy some kitchen/cooking equipment and you can do this during Orientation Week or on your arrival.

Please do not overload your luggage with cooking equipment as these items can be purchased quite cheaply in local supermarkets.

You do need to bring your own towels.

Role of International Student Support The International Student Support office will assist you with every detail of your application to the University. Like Residential Allocations, the International Office is open throughout the summer and does not close at all during the vacations.

Overseas Students’ Orientation Week is organised through the International Student Support and this commences from Monday 17 September 2012. AII accommodation contracts for overseas students therefore start from Saturday 15 September 2012.

During Orientation Week there will be guides (senior international students) to help you move into your room and settle in, find shops etc.

For further information, please refer to the information at This information is included in the pre-arrival guide issued by the International Student Support.

International Student Support University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Student Centre Hertfordshire, ALI0 9AB, UK. Fax: +44 (0)1707 284738 Email:

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