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Goals and Related Strategies

The Arc will utilize the following strategies in pursuit of these goals:

Goal I. Infants, children and youth with I/DD have access to the supports and services they need to live in their family homes, to succeed in school and to partake in all of the experiences of childhood.

Strategy 1 Increase the availability of early intervention services that are provided in naturally occurring environments.

Strategy 2 Increase the inclusion, participation and integration of students with proper accommodations in their neighborhood schools, as well as in other public and publicly general educational settings.

Strategy 3 Promote best practices in school-to-community transition.

Strategy 4 Eliminate the use of seclusion, aversive interventions and non-emergency restraint of children in schools.

Strategy 5 Increase the involvement of students with I/DD in the IEP process, including in transition planning.

Strategy 6 Increase the quality and accessibility of lay and professional advocates to support people with I/DD and their families, including the development of parent advocate and youth self-advocate groups.

Strategy 7 Reach out to and empower parents, siblings and other family members of infants, children and youth with I/DD, and provide them access to the information they need, when they need it, across multiple media and modalities.

Strategy 8 Actively involve, collaborate with and support other family support/service organizations.

Provide Educational Support Meet Unique Needs


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