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Summary of Goals The Arc’s goals over the next ten years are to assure that:

I. Infants, children and youth with I/DD have access to the supports and services they need to live in their family homes, to succeed in school and to partake in all of the experiences of childhood.

II. Adults with I/DD have the opportunity to lead lives of their own choosing, to be free from poverty, to be employed, to reside in the community, and to live independently with ready access to whatever services and supports they need.

III. People with I/DD have the opportunity to participate in civic activities, volunteerism and community service, religion, art, culture, and recreation alongside their peers without disabilities.

IV. Individual members of the public value, respect and accept people with I/DD as equal members of society.

V. Quality health education, health promotion and health care are widely available and accessible, enabling individuals to avoid known environmental causes of I/DD and to prevent secondary health problems for people with I/DD.

VI. The Arc is a powerful advocate for people with I/DD, leading a vibrant, engaged and growing movement of people with I/DD; their family members, friends and colleagues; and the nonprofit organizations that serve them, committed to the full inclusion of people with I/DD in society.

VII. The Arc is a catalyst advancing best practices among all community-based service providers and the preeminent provider of inclusive services and supports for people with I/DD and their families.

VIII. The Arc is a household name, well-known and respected as an effective, responsive, well-managed, responsibly governed, and sustainable nonprofit federation.

Be Included in the Classroom

Experience Meaningful Relationships

Receive Personalized Attention


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