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Dear Friends: O

n behalf of the Board of Directors and Staff of The Arc of the United States, we are pleased to present the Strategic Framework for the Future of The Arc, 2010 – 2019. The Strategic Framework is intended to clearly set forth The Arc’s vision for the full inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in all aspects of society, as well as for The Arc as their advocate and servant at the national, state and local level. It provides detailed goals and strategies, which if successfully pursued will bring this vision to life, achieving justice and equality for people with I/DD. On the occasion of The Arc’s 60th

anniversary, the Strategic Framework will provide direction to guide the organization in the next decade.

With the foundation provided by the Strategic Framework in place, The Arc will build shorter-term operating plans, taking into account priorities, opportunities, resources, and the many practical considerations involved in seeking and achieving change. As the decade unfolds, the Strategic Framework will be reviewed and, as necessary, updated, refined and revised to reflect the changing conditions and circumstances that affect people with I/DD and their families, and the organizations that advocate for and serve them.

The Strategic Framework is also intended to be a resource for The Arc’s many state and local chapters, informing their planning and action. Chapters are welcome and encouraged to adopt The Arc’s new mission statement and some, or all, of the goals and strategies as their own. Selection and prioritization among the goals and strategies likely will vary from place to place throughout The Arc network depending upon state and local conditions and needs, as well as the capacity and orientation of the respective chapters.

This Strategic Framework is the culmination of a lengthy, collaborative effort that began in spring 2008 and has involved literally thousands of The Arc’s volunteer and staff leaders, constituents and other stakeholders. This process included an exhaustive review by management consulting firm, Grant Thornton, of The Arc’s past and current operations and external environment, a comprehensive national stakeholder survey, interviews, online discussion, conference calls, small group discussion, e-mail correspondence, and plenary sessions at both The Arc and NCE meetings. We thank all involved both for the candid assessment of the current status of The Arc, as well as the spirited examination of prospects for the future. Particular thanks are extended to members of the Committee on the Future of The Arc and its predecessor, the Affiliation and Planning Task Force, and to members of the Board of Directors and Staff of The Arc for their hard work.

We look forward to hearing your comments, reactions and suggestions in response to the Strategic Framework and to working with you to achieve the vision of inclusion and participation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Sincerely, Lynne A. Cleveland President, Board of Directors

Nancy Webster Chair, Committee on the Future of The Arc

Peter V. Berns Chief Executive Officer Lynne A. Cleveland

Nancy Webster

Peter V. Berns


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