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About The Arc and How We Work

The goals and strategies described in this plan will be achieved through the collective action of The Arc of the United States and its network of state and local chapters.

About The Arc of the United States

As an organization, The Arc of the United States uses and will continue to use a variety of means, or methods of action, to advance the organization’s mission, vision, goals, and strategies. These include:

Federal Public Policy Advocacy

The Arc of the United States is extensively involved in federal public policy advocacy to protect and promote the rights of people with I/DD, as well as to provide the financial resources necessary to support their full participation in community life. The Arc’s federal public policy advocacy staff continually advocates for positive public policy outcomes for people with I/DD, their families and the systems that serve them through actions which include: n Developing a Public Policy Agenda and affirmatively pursuing enactment of that Agenda through federal appropriations, substantive legislation, regulations, and policy directives;

n Monitoring and influencing policy developments within the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government;

n Participating in litigation as needed to protect and promote the legal rights of people with I/DD;

n Educating policy-makers, including elected officials and their staff, about the status, needs and interests of people with I/DD and their families;

n Educating the media about the impact of current policy, as well as proposed policies, on the lives of people with I/DD and their families;

n Educating and mobilizing The Arc’s extensive network of volunteer and staff leaders, employees, volunteers, individuals with disabilities, their families and friends, and concerned citizens in support of, or opposition to, specific legislative and regulatory proposals and actions; and

n Collaborating with other disability organizations, as well as organizations outside the disability community, in furtherance of common interests and objectives, including by organizing, participating in and serving as leaders for coalition efforts.


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