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Strategy 4 Strengthen and expand the depth and breadth of the network of local chapters, including:

i. Directly recruiting new local chapters in states where there is no state chapter;

ii. Supporting and coordinating with state chapters to recruit new local chapters; and

iii. Promoting mergers and consolidation where necessary and appropriate to advance the mission of The Arc.

Strategy 5 Establish a nimble, seamless, state-of-the-art model for involving parents, family members and interested individuals as members of The Arc that is educational, mission driven, flexible, rewarding, and high impact.

Strategy 6 Recruit and involve businesses, professionals, consultants, government agencies, associated nonprofits, and other organizations in The Arc.

Strategy 7 Develop dynamic partnerships with major corporations to promote inclusion, as well as to provide ongoing support for The Arc at all levels.

Strategy 8 Provide ongoing professional development and education for executive and program staff of chapters of The Arc, promoting best practices in programs, services and supports for people with I/DD.

Strategy 9 Develop the Board of Directors to be composed of a majority of parents, family members and people with disabilities themselves, while also including business, philanthropic, media, and academic leaders, as well as others capable of providing resources and expertise necessary for the success of The Arc at the national level.

Strategy 10 Increase use of technology, including social networking, in all aspects of the organization’s work.

Participate in Community Events Enjoy Integrated Employment


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