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Goal V. Quality health education, health promotion and health care are widely available and accessible, enabling individuals to avoid known environmental causes of I/DD and to prevent secondary health problems for people with I/DD.

Strategy 1 Educate the public to avoid environmental agents and behaviors known to cause I/DD.

Strategy 2 Increase the availability and accessibility of quality routine and preventative medical, dental, vision, and mental health care for people with I/DD.

Strategy 3 Make public and private health insurance universally available to people with I/DD.

Learn About Health Issues and Prevention

Strategy 4 Prevent discrimination against people with I/DD in the delivery of health care services.

Strategy 5 Build the capacity of medical professionals and health care organizations to provide health care services to people with I/DD, including by expanding relevant specialized training.

Share Your Views With Political Leaders

Goal VI. The Arc is a powerful advocate for people with I/DD, leading a vibrant, engaged and growing movement of people with I/DD; their family members, friends and colleagues; and the nonprofit organizations that serve them, committed to the full inclusion of people with I/DD in society.

Strategy 1 Build the capacity of all chapters of The Arc to engage in both public policy advocacy and individual advocacy for people with I/DD.

Strategy 2 Assure and sustain a state office or chapter in every state or a combination of state and regional offices that provide a presence in all 50 states.

Work With Peers to Break Down Barriers

Strategy 3 Dramatically expand the number of members and activists, including obtaining greater participation of families of younger children and people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Strategy 4 Promote and support the development of people with I/DD as leaders, advocates and spokespersons on issues of their concern.

Strategy 5 Actively collaborate with and support self-advocacy organizations and involve them in all aspects of the work of The Arc.


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