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Goal III. People with I/DD have the opportunity to participate in civic activities, volunteerism and community service, religion, art, culture, and recreation alongside their peers without disabilities.

Strategy 1 Build the capacity and readiness of civic, cultural, religious, governmental, business, and other community organizations to include and support the participation of people with I/DD in their programs and activities.

Strategy 2 Increase services and supports necessary for people with I/DD to participate in civic, cultural, religious, and other community organizations.

Strategy 3 Increase voting by people with I/DD and their participation in the political process.

Strategy 4 Increase the availability of family support, including respite services.

Express Creativity Through Art

Goal IV. Individual members of the public value, respect and accept people with I/DD as equal members of society.

Strategy 1 Publicize the high rate and specific incidents of bigotry, discrimination and victimization of people with I/DD.

Strategy 2 Develop and support chapters of The Arc in implementing testing programs to identify discriminatory practices in housing, employment and instances of unlawful failures to provide accommodation.

Strategy 3 Promote increased public awareness of people with I/DD and their needs, issues and concerns.

Strategy 4 Monitor the media for negative portrayals and descriptions of people with I/DD in the media, and promote more accurate, respectful and positive coverage.

Strategy 5 Promote appropriate education and training of medical professionals, legal professionals, law enforcement officials, teachers, clergy, human resources professionals, and others whose conduct impacts the lives and opportunities of people with I/DD.

Strategy 6 Educate people with I/DD and their family members about their rights and provide them the tools and supports to protect their rights where such are being unlawfully denied.

Strategy 7 Showcase the positive role and contributions of people with I/DD in society.

Lead Through Self-advocacy


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