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Goal II. Adults with I/DD have the opportunity to lead lives of their own choosing, to be free from poverty, to be employed, to reside in the community, and to live independently with ready access to whatever services and supports they need.

Strategy 1 Increase opportunities for integrated employment at fair wages and self-employment for people with I/DD.

Strategy 2 Increase services and supports necessary for people with I/DD to be gainfully employed or self-employed.

Strategy 3 Build the capacity and readiness of employers to recruit, hire and retain individuals with I/DD as employees.

Gain Independence Through Work

Strategy 4 Identify and promote best practices in services and supports for people with I/DD relating to housing, employment, recreation, and other aspects of community participation.

Strategy 5 Increase the availability of affordable and accessible rental housing and home-ownership, including supported housing.

Strategy 6 Increase the availability of personal supports. Find Meaningful Employment

Strategy 7 Encourage, assist and support chapters of The Arc to transition from group homes to providing supported living, as well as to assist people with I/DD to live in their own homes in the community with the appropriate supports.

Strategy 8 Encourage, assist and support chapters of The Arc to transition from segregated day programs and employment to providing support for integrated, community-based employment and activities.

Strategy 9 Support chapters of The Arc to facilitate the community- change process necessary to replace the remaining state institutions with community-based services and supports.

Benefit From Regular Medical Check-ups

Strategy 10 Promote and support the growth of self-determination and self-advocacy.

Strategy 11 Rebalance the Medicaid program so that home and community-based services and family support are mandatory and readily available with consistency and portability from state to state.

Strategy 12 Improve basic income support systems for people with I/DD and their families, and change requirements applicable to benefits eligibility, to reduce the incidence of poverty.


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