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ACA VP Dennis Barnett along with Magnolia Grill owner Tom Rice, ACA Director Tom Bradley and ACA President Richard Secord at ACA partner appreciation social.

ACA hosts New Year’s Corporate Partner Social

One of our most challenging initia-

tives was our Corporate Partner Program. ACA has now completed our first year with this initiative at full throttle. I am very pleased to report that it has been a great success and I am optimistic that it will get even better as we go forward. As such, we conducted a Partner Appreciation Bash at Magnolia Grill in Ft Walton mid- January. We had around 50 folks in atten- dance. Our intent was to thank our partners and also show them what we are able to do

with their assistance and encourage them to renew for 2012. To date we have had several companies indicate they are going to come aboard and some others that have upped their participation to a higher level for 2012. Below are some examples of our support to the Active Duty and past Air Commandos and their families enabled by our Corporate Partner Program. It is not all inclusive, but gives you some idea of where we are heading.


Gen Holland Received NDIA Prestigious Rylander Award

Retired Air Force General Charles

Holland was presented with the National Defense Industrial Association’s presti- gious Rylander Award at the NDIA 23rd Annual Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict Symposium awards banquet Feb. 7 in Washington, DC. Named for one of the earliest fathers

of our nation’s current Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict capabilities, the

Rylander Award is one of the highest hon- ors bestowed by the SO/LIC Division and is given in recognition of the recipients’ significant and lasting contributions to the SO/LIC community. Gen. Holland was honored not only

for his distinguished record while on active duty, but also for his efforts to create bet-

See HOLLAND pg 8

ACA Treasurer Paul Harmon receives first donation to the 20x12 Initiative from ACA President Richard Secord.

The Air Commando Association Foun-

dation Endowment kicked off its 20x12 in 2012 fund raising effort in January. We are off to a great start with members pledging nearly $21,000 in the first month! All mem- bers should have received their 20x12 in 2012 package in early January. For those still considering a pledge, your donation of just $20 per month for 2012 will go a long way to

See ENDOWMENT pg 4 ACA ChApters: CAnnon • mildenhAll • wAshington d.C. • roCky mountAin AreA • kirtlAnd • kAdenA

It is now obvious to all that ACA has decided to change the look of our newsletter. It still retains the same articles and letters, but in a different format. We at ACA felt it was time to give it a facelift and it also provides savings in terms of time and effort for distribution. We welcome any and all feedback about how membership perceives this new venue. Thanks.

ACA Endowment Foundation Update

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