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6 - March 2, 2012 | Pelham - Windham News More Letters to our Editor continued from page 5

Windham Voter Questions State Reps. Regarding Voter Fraud in NH

I’m a Windham homeowner who would like a few simple

answers to questions arising from the Legislative Update in last week’s Pelham~Windham News by Representatives Shawn Jasper, DJ Bettencourt, and Shaun Doherty. You propose voter ID to mitigate/prevent voter fraud. When was last New Hampshire conviction for voter fraud? Don’t we already have a slew of federal and state laws that punish voter fraud? Why, based on what NH evidence, do we need yet another? I’m sure that GOP is party for smaller, less intrusive, fewer

regulation, and supports personal responsibility, why the flip- flop? Why do you want to force big government, in the form of a new voting regulation, down our throats? Our “Live Free or Die” state has pretty smooth elections

each cycle, why a new regulation? Please don’t cite other state examples, they ain’t us! I’m a 62 year old former Marine Vietnam veteran, and I

believe, as a voter/taxpayer that supports our great state, I’m entitled to answers!

Steve Mavrellis - Windham Vote for McLeod

I’m honored to have the opportunity to write about a Board

of Selectmen candidate who I believe stands for the utmost in integrity. Tat candidate is Ross McLeod. During the course of my employment with Windham Community Development, I had the opportunity to work with Ross. I experienced firsthand his sense of honesty, knowledge and active interest in the financial and overall well being of Windham. Last March, it was no surprise to me that Ross was nominated as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen. His colleagues obviously respected and recognized his strong and unbiased decision making and leadership skills. Please join me on March 13 and vote “yes” to Ross McLeod

for Board of Selectmen. Tracey Mulder - Windham

Scholz and Tierney for Windham ZBA

We’re very fortunate to have Mike Scholz and James

Tierney, two dedicated and highly experienced Zoning Board members, running for the two open seats on the Windham

Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA). My observation is that Scholz and Tierney are both thoughtful, conscientious and independent thinkers that make decisions based on what they believe to be right, to be ethical, and most importantly, based on legal principles. I believe that these qualities are vital to all individuals serving on Town Boards and are particularly important when considering the responsibilities of a quasi-judicial board such as the ZBA. Mike Scholz and Jim Tierney are excellent choices for

the ZBA. Please join me in casting your vote for these two qualified individuals on Tuesday, March 13.

Patrick Nysten - Windham

Paul Terrien Has My Vote for Planning Board

Mr. Terrien’s life reads like a Tom Clancy novel. Paul

served our country for over four decades. Now that he is retired he would like to serve our town. Mr. Terrien has been to over 90 countries in his services to our country. When he shared some of his experiences with me, he spoke

proudly of the dream house he designed while living in China. As soon as he got home he wanted to make his dream house reality. Paul and his wife Carolyn took on the task of working through the Planning Board process themselves. It is this real world experience, along with his degree in engineering, which gives Paul a well-rounded understanding to make a positive contribution as a member of the Planning Board. Please take a minute to talk with Mr. Terrien if you see him on the campaign trail. I believe he will earn your vote on March 13.

Rep. Rick Okerman - Windham

Have You Seen the Town Warrant Articles Yet?

Tere are nearly 50 ballot items to vote for Tuesday March 13th just on the town side which doesn’t include contested races for various boards or any of the school ballot items. Tis makes the job of becoming an informed voter extremely difficult. I hope that in future years both the Board of Selectmen and the Planning Board are able to prioritize quality over quantity in order to allow the voters to have a fighting chance to learn about each of the items they are voting on. If someone were to come up to me and say that they simply

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don’t have enough time to become educated on every one of these nearly 50 items I would have to tell them to vote “No” on them unless they know enough to vote “Yes”. Voting “No” leaves things as they exist today which in my opinion is pretty darn good. A catchy slogan could be “If You Don’t Know, Vote No.” Tat being said becoming educated on each of these items is possible. To that end, with the goal of helping people become informed about the warrant articles, I have created a web page that attempts to put the information that one might use to decide any of these issues in a single spot. Tis information currently includes the wording of the amendments, clips of only the pertinent portions of meeting videos, meeting minutes and Planning Board and Community Development outreach letters. Tank you to all who have helped out in this endeavor. Te Web page can be accessed at where there is a link to “Town of Windham 2012 Warrant.” Please let me know what you think whether good or bad to help me decide whether this was worth the time put in. Also if you have suggestions of other items I should add that may help you to make an educated decision please let me know so I can consider including them. Tirdly if you have sent or are sending a letter to the editor for one of the candidates or regarding one of the town warrant items please send it along and I will include it. I can be reached at heath.partington@

Heath Partington - Windham 952-4848 46 Lowell Rd, Windham • 1533 Lakeview Ave, Dracut 978-957-7170


By Jonathan Lee

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Lewandowski is Bullying Other Candidates

Being on the periphery of Windham politics I’ve seen,

heard and suspected plenty of ugly things over the past 10 years that seem unbelievable in such a small town. But I have finally had enough of the bullying, conflicts of interest and abuse of perceived power and will stand up here and now for what’s right, despite the risks. We live in an era of disenchantment with politics and the

news is littered with stories of bullying. Recently our own Windham, NH became a microcosm of these things together due to a despicable act by one of our citizens running for Treasurer, Mr. Corey Lewandowski. Trough the Freedom of Information Act, Mr. Lewandowski pulled e-mails from Selectman Ross McLeod’s work to derail his personal re- election campaign to the Board of Selectman and thoughtlessly risked Ross’ livelihood at the same time. Tis political bullying maneuver crossed a line that unforgivable. Please show the bullies that you’ve had enough as well and re-elect McLeod for Selectman and Skinner for Treasurer. Selectman Ross McLeod had my vote long before this episode, however. He is an Assistant Prosecutor in Hillsborough County, a career he entered in recent years to give back to the community despite a pay cut from his engineering past. Meanwhile Ross has also been volunteering endless hours to Windham acting as President of the Soccer Association, Planning Board Member and Board of Selectman Member over the past several years. He has a lovely wife and two children, one in high school and one in college. As you can imagine, he’s just as busy as or busier than the rest of us but he values Windham enough to give back, despite its thankless moments like these. Having been an engineer, Ross is extremely smart and analytical and his history on the various boards in town brings a variety of assets to Windham. He gives everyone an equal opportunity to be heard and will stand up for what’s right, even in the face of adversity. Te bigger question is why Mr. Lewandowski would do something so dirty in a race that doesn’t involve him? Has he become a pawn, perhaps in an attempt go gain power himself, to another Selectman who does have something to gain? Selectman Bruce Breton, up for re-election in 2013, is known to publicly disagree with Ross on town issues and also has interesting ties to Mr. Lewandowski through “Americans for Prosperity.” Also, Selectman Breton has inexcusably supported Mr. Lewandowski’s recent efforts against Selectman McLeod in recent Union Leader articles. Tese things together confirm, for me, their embodiment of everything that I believe our citizens should be disenchanted with in politics. Over the coming year, my service to Windham will be to offer additional insight relative to bullying, conflicts of interest, and abuse of perceived power by our town politicians. Ultimately to expose those who have become so wrong and brazen in Windham that we may demand better in the future. In the meantime, please stand up for what’s right, take notice and get involved to protect Windham’s future. Disclaimer: My friends, neighbors and, most importantly, my husband, Heath Partington, ZBA member, will be reading this for the first time along with the rest of Windham’s citizens. To those who will claim his involvement to harm his political future, you couldn’t be more wrong. I simply cannot use his position as an excuse to turn a blind eye myself any longer.

Tracey Partington - Windham

Re-Elect Maura K. Pennisi for Windham School District Treasurer

My name is Maura Pennisi and I am currently serving as the School District Treasurer, a position I have held for the past 11 years. Te prior School District Treasurer was the late Rose Boda, who held the position for 51 years! She taught me well using 16 column green ledger paper, a magnifying glass, ruler and pencil. I then transposed the accounting books to a computer system. I still think of Rose when I balance the account monthly. For the past 62 years there have been two school district treasurers with no instances of fraud or mismanagement of funds, providing efficiency, consistency and continuity with the position! I have resided in Windham for 28 years with my husband and two children. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration, which is a combined knowledge of business practices and health management and am currently managing the “NH Partner’s In Health” program that promotes the specific needs of children with chronic health conditions. For the benefit of the citizens of Windham, I would like to correctly clarify the duties and limitations of the “School District Treasurer.” For the full description of the position under NH Regulations: NH RSA197:23-a; please go to XV/197/197-23-a.htm. Bullet points for the duties of the School District Treasurer:

• “Treasurer shall have custody of all moneys belonging to the school district”

• Make deposits at the financial institution • Reconcile general, lunch and past building fund accounts using the latest and most current versions of business programs.

• Provide monthly balanced accounting reports to the school business department and school board. (I have balanced to the penny for all of my tenure.)

• Provide yearly reports to the auditing firm. After the audit, these reports are printed in the annual town report and are available at the SAU for public viewing.

• A 2-party system exists to prevent fraud and duplication of checks. Te bookkeeper generates the checks and the treasurer accounts for all the checks listed on each manifest, signs and mail them.

• Track and place stop payments on lost checks to prevent duplication.

• Develop positive relationships with the financial institution, auditing firm, school board and school and business departments while maintaining accurate records in an expanding school district. During the construction of the Windham High School, I managed the monthly reinvesting of bonds and certificates and worked with the financial institution to obtain the highest

rate of interest return for the Windham taxpayers. At the end of the investing period, from 2005-2008, the net result was over $4,000,000 in interest earned! In 2005 I successfully petitioned the change of the school district treasurer from a 1 year to a 3 year term. Tis was to promote consistency and efficiency in an established system that was working well. If this position had turnovers every one to three years there would be a disruption in the reconciling of the monthly accounts and the new learning curve would inhibit the flow of the current productive and competent networking I provide. Te responsibility of the school district treasurer is an accounting position which manages payments for goods or services already received or completed, operating within a lean budget. It is not an administrative one that has authority and control over the school board and business department decisions of vendor payments, as others have implied. I thank you for your past, present and anticipated future years of support. I am confident and proud of the results I have achieved and I look forward to continuing to service the community of Windham. Tank you in advance for your vote on March 13!

Maura Pennisi - Windham Join Me in Voting for

McLeod and Hohenberger I earnestly hope you will join me in voting for Ross

McLeod and Roger Hohenberger for Windham Selectmen. By supporting Hohenberger and McLeod, you are voting to retain, on Windham’s highest governing Board, two hard-working men with tested, finely honed, and proven budget management skills. Teir concentrated efforts have successfully kept Windham’s property taxes among the lowest in our region with a budget increase of only 1 percent this past year – even as state expenditures were newly forced down to the town level to be absorbed into local budgets. With Hohenberger and McLeod you can expect:

1. Unwavering support for Impact Fees, assuring equitable distribution of increased town costs caused by new development;

2. Years of hands-on experience and firm support for Windham’s Capital Improvement (CIP) Program, a key planning process that prioritizes and paces town spending over a period of years, preventing unexpected tax spikes;

3. Strong support for an open and competitive bidding process for town purchases and contracts, to keep costs down; and

4. Prudence and fairness in town employee bargaining processes;

5. An emphasis on generating good jobs, promoting quality, and looking towards the enhancement of Windham’s distinctive character; and

6. Dedication to keeping our property taxes among the lowest in the area; and

7. Independence from personal business, development, or financial interests in the town of Windham. In these surprisingly contentious times, your votes for

Hohenberger and McLeod also signify your support for independent local government based on local, town issues and hard facts. Please join me in voting for balanced, experienced, independent, and rational town government. Please cast your votes on March 13 for Roger Hohenberger and Ross McLeod.

Ruth-Ellen Post – Windham

Please Vote Carolyn Terrien for School Board

Carolyn Terrien is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and also one of the smartest. She has lived on Cobbetts Pond since the 1980 and now that she has the time, she would like to contribute and give back to our community by serving on the School Board.

When I asked her why she was running, I was pleased to hear that she wants to ensure a high level of education for our children, while helping to stabilize our school taxes. She reinforced this concern when she reflected on the steep climb that our taxes have taken over the past few years. She has shared her concern on the overcrowding of our schools but realizes that we are going through a bubble and the need to think clearly about how to deal with the situation. She is well suited to deal with these issues as well as the other challenges that lay ahead, and I hope that you will also cast a vote for Carolyn Terrien on March 13.

Greg Reeners – Windham

Vote for McLeod and Hohenberger When you go to the poles on March 13 I urge you to vote

for Ross McLeod and Roger Hohenberger. Both of these gentlemen have done an excellent job on the current board of selectmen and I am confident will continue to do so if re- elected. I have had interaction with both of these candidates on several issues, we may not have always agreed on an issue but I always felt they listened to me and considered all points before making an informed decision. I feel that is all you can ask of any person you elect to office. When you go to the poles ask your neighbors, town residents and anyone else who may have had interaction with the candidates and make an informed decision. I know I will and it will be for Ross McLeod and Roger Hohenberger.

Patrick Robertson – Windham

Re-Elect Debbie Ryan for Pelham School Board

It is with extreme gratitude that I have served on the Pelham School Board since 2009 when you so graciously “wrote me in” as your candidate of choice. I was humbled by your support and wish to continue my tenure on the board in order to continue to do the job you elected me for. I implore and ask each stakeholder to continue believing in

Pelham. Whether you moved to town in the 1960’s, 70’s or the 2000’s (the three largest population booms) or somewhere in between, one of the considering factors was the school system. We are fortunate to have our three schools and we

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We look forward to meeting you. Please call 603.437.4600 and ask for Lynda Brislin.

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