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Fawlty types at Hadley Park Hotel

Hadley Park House Hotel will give guests the chance to enjoy some of the Best of Brit- ish and Irish Comedy in 2012. The Fawlty Towers experi- ence is an established part Hadley Park House Hotel’s events calendar, and once again it’s expected to be a sell-out when it returns “by popular demand” on Friday, March 16. Hadley Park House Ho- tel will again be transformed into Fawlty Towers, as Basil Fawlty, Manuel and Sybil cre- ate an evening of mayhem and madness.

The original British Fawlty

Towers Touring Company, Laughlines, debuted its hit Fawlty Towers Dinner Show in 1997. Continuing to stage sell-out performances. The professional cast have the mannerisms down to a

tee, and use a mix of improvi- sation and comedy timing to deliver what they call “a deli- cious evening of unforgetta- ble entertainment”.

Instead of receiving a warm welcome from general manager Mark Lewis, guests will step inside an hotel in- habited by snobbish, manic Basil Fawlty; domineering wife, Sybil; and hapless Bar- celonan waiter, Manuel. The price is £45 per per- son, including three-course dinner.

Tickets for the Fawlty Tow- ers’ experience on March are expected to sell-out very quickly.

Anyone wishing to book their place (Rooms are also available) can call 01952 677269; or e-mailinfo@had- For further details, visit www.hadleypark.

The next event on the Best of British and Irish comedy schedule at the hotel will be An Evening with Father Ted on Friday, June 8.

Builder to create jobs in Telford

David Wilson Mercia has an- nounced it will launch three new sites, including one in Telford, over the next six months, creating hundreds of jobs for local people. David Wilson


plans to launch three new sites in the final half of its financial year. The new de- velopments will be launching in Shrewsbury, Telford and Bicester. 914 jobs will be created in helping to build and sell the new homes over the lifetime of these new pro- jects.

The housebuilder says it predominately employs local sub-contractors and trades- men, so local businesses and people will benefit di- rectly.

“The Prime Minister has said one of the best ways to boost economic growth and get people working is by building more homes,” said Alastair Parsons, sales man-

ager, David Wilson Mercia. “Our plans show how this works in practice. We expect to launch three new sites this year.”

“Besides the local con- struction jobs created in building the homes, the lo- cal people who move into them will spend their wages locally. This translates into a significant boost for lo- cal retailers at a time when concerns remain about the national financial picture. It’s exactly what this area

needs.” Alastair added, “The new

David Wilson jobs aren’t the only piece of good news for people in 2012. The really great news this year is the return of 95 per cent mort- gages for First Time Buyers. This means that people who haven’t previously been able to raise the large deposit necessary to buy a place of their own could now buy a home from us with a deposit of just £5,250.” To find out more, visit

Park and Ride

This year for the first time visitors to Ironbridge can take advantage of the new park and ride for which work on the site has now begun. Work began to build a 250 space park and ride site at Stoney Hill, at the top of


Do you make payments into your own or your employer’s pension scheme?

Do you pay higher rate tax, 40% or 50%?

Not all accountants are grey...

No one actually wants an accountant. They simply want someone to help them run a better business.

So if you need more sales, better profi ts, less tax, a healthier cash fl ow or increased fi nancing, then make us your fi rst port of call for no nonsense business advice.

We know how to put the colour back into your business.

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1 Plough Road, Wellington, TF1 1ET. T 01952 641358 · 8

Do the following criteria apply to you? If so you might like to read this article!

Have you omitted to claim higher rate tax relief on the contributions you’ve made? If your answer to these questions is Yes, or Yes and No, you could be one of the estimated 425,000 UK tax payers failing to claim higher rate relief on workplace pen- sion contributions. Perhaps you assume payroll

your department

deals with this for you? Or, that the Government auto- matically channels refunds due into your pension pot? That’s often not so!

If you pay net contribu- tions the tax office will top- up your fund for the stand- ard rate tax paid of 20%. The remaining 20% tax relief, (if you pay tax at 40% or 30%, or 50%) must be claimed from HMRC direct.

Which pension schemes are affected?

Most money purchase

pension arrangements are affected, including: Personal pension plans (including SIPPS) Workplace contract based schemes including group personal pensions, group stakeholder schemes and group SIPPS.

The following schemes aren’t affected:

All final salary schemes. Money purchase schemes that operate through a sal- ary sacrifice arrangement in which case pension contri- butions are made before tax is deducted.

Schemes where contribu- tions are deducted from tax- able pay.

If you’re unsure what sort of pension you have, check with your pension provider or employer.

How do you make a

claim? You need to make a claim in writing to HMRC as soon as possible. Claims can be backdated for up to four years. A spokeswoman for Morris Cook, accountants, said: “We would, of course, be delighted to do this for you. You will need to provide details of the gross and net contributions you made in the period of your claim.” Unsure of any of the

above? An accountant will be able to help. Call

Morris Cook on

01952 641358 to make an appointment.

Jiggers Bank, to take people into Ironbridge Gorge. With an opening date in early June, it will encour- age people to travel into and around Ironbridge in a ‘sustainable’ way whilst also making it easier for people to get around, especially those who don’t know the area. It will operate every 12 minutes between June and October. There’ll also be an hourly service to Much Wen- lock, funded by Shropshire Council as a joint effort to boost cross boundary tour- ist links.

It makes links between

Telford and Wrekin and Much Wenlock, birthplace of the modern Olympics, much closer for the London 2012 Games.

Once passengers get off the park and ride service, they can walk around Iron- bridge or catch the Gorge Connect bus to other loca- tions in the World Heritage Site. Gorge Connect servic- es start in April.

McPhillips are the local contractor undertaking the work for this project which is being part funded by the Department for Transport.

Museum plans on hold

The Wellington Museum Partnership has decided to suspend future meetings due to the failure to agree plans to develop Edgbaston House in Wellington as a museum site. The committee stress that they have not disbanded but they feel meeting on a regular basis with no end project would not be the best use of the committee’s time and resources.

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