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4 Crown Street, Wellington, Telford TF1 1LP

If you want a Shed, now, you really should go to Sheds Now. After all, if they are good enough for the Japanese... What? Really? Yes, really! A locally-based shed firm is ex-

✎ ✎

porting sheds to Japan! Shropshire rose expert Da- vid Austin is renowned the world over for their perfect English roses. There has been a boom in interest in tra-

Mike the Carpenter

Made to measure wooden or UPVC windows, doors and fascias

Stairs, flooring, internal doors, skirting and architrave

✎All carpentry work. Call on: 07951096451

ditional English style gardens in Japan, to such an extent that David Austin has decided to open a special garden cen- tre in the Japanese city of Osaka.

It appears Japanese gar- deners love their sheds just as much as their British coun- terparts, so the David Austin Osaka Garden Centre is, of course, selling traditional gar- den sheds. And Sheds Now is supplying the sheds for the garden centre.

Owner of Sheds Now, Ste- ve Clear said: “The interest in Japan for English gardens is growing, which is why David Austin is opening a garden

Garden solutions for your wildlife

Q Lawns point out that their Meadowmat wild flower mat- ting and Enviromat Sedum Matting is a relatively light- weight solution to creating a living green roof on gar-


centre in Osaka. And they have decided to take our sheds to sell them, there.” The sheds will be delivered to the Osaka garden centre this month. However, you can buy the same sheds locally! If you need a potting shed, a large garden shed, a garden office, a playroom, a proper wooden workshop like your grandfather had, bin tidies, tool sheds, etc, then give Sheds Now a call on 0800 698-0093 or visit their website at www.shedsnow.

Sheds Now is based on the Hortonwood Industrial Estate.

den buildings and domestic roofs.

Comprising seven spe- cies of drought tolerant se- dums growing on a patented matting system, Enviromat creates a wonderful habitat for invertebrates and with its long flowering period, helps support beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. Enviromat is easily in- stalled by a competent DI- Yer or, for those not able to work at heights, Q Lawns offers a green roof installa- tion service.

Meadowmat Wild Flower

Matting removes the stress out of establishing a wild flower meadow in the gar- den. 34 species of native

grasses and flowering plants are established on a matting system that’s unrolled onto prepared ground to create a dense sward of mixed plants. Depending on the time of year, Meadowmat may be in flower just weeks after installation, providing a rich source of nectar and a great hiding place for in- vertebrates, small mammals and amphibians.

Meadowmat maintenance

is simple and cost-effective. Once established, the plants need minimal attention


six months of the year and only the occasional trim be- tween October and April for neatness.


Lap Panels From £8.50

Wicket Panel

Sheds and Summerhouses

General Timber Pressure Treated

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Concrete Posts & Gravel Boards. All Prices inc. VAT. Many sizes in stock.

Pine Sleepers ideal for raised garden beds


SHREWSBURY, on B5062. SY4 4RW 42

Omega Panels

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