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NEW Heart for Well Renewed vigour for our town

The Heart of Wellington is beating with renewed vigour, Wellington News is happy to report. Whilst other towns seem to be are struggling, Wellington is the exception that proves the rule.

Whilst it is true that some businesses have closed down in the past year or so, many of these have closed down due to external pressures caused by major chains being undercapital- ised, for example.

But in one case the loss of a major chainstore, Dorothy Perkins in New Street was the catalyst for the move by Monster Beds in to Wel- lington, when they took the

former Dorothy Perkins store over and turned it into a bed store. Niche

stores like the

Wrekin Rambler are com- ing in to town,

too, keen

to capitalise on the cache of Wellington becoming an official “Welcomes Walkers” town, with all the publicity that will generate now and in the future.

Other new businesses

including cafes and newsa- gents are opening, eager to serve the population of Wellington and visitors with whatever their requirements are. Traders in Wellington are eagerly awaiting the arrival

of new staff this spring at the Wellington Civic Quarter, as this should bring about increased footfall in cafes, pubs, newsagents, cloth- ing shops, etc., as the staff

spend their free time in town. With the increasing em- phasis on improving health, more people are visiting the gym, conscience of their need not just to lose weight

but to convert some of their weight to increased muscle mass, too.

And for those Wellingto- nians who are more inter- ested in cerebral pursuits,

there’s Number Eight Book at number 8, Crown Street, where you can buy pre- loved books on just about any subject you can imagine and also some you can’t.


It’s certainly a sweet life for Jo Shephard, as she is one of the most popular women in Wel- lington, as she owns her own sweet shop!

The Sweet Jar opened in 2008, but in February of last year this could have been the end for her, and her team, when the business was given up by its owner. Now, however, after

Newsline WE SELL:

❚ Newspapers ❚ Magazines ❚ Confectionary ❚ Coffee ❚ Stationery ❚ Cards ❚ Cigarettes

❚ Pay Point


14 Market Square, Wellington

Tel: 01952 252405 OPENING TIMES:

Monday- Saturday 6.30am- 5.30pm

Sunday 9am til 4pm


Traditional sweets from the yesteryear 6, New Street, Wellington · Tel: 01952 242004

deciding to take over the busi- ness in her own right, the Sweet Jar has survived and is thriving for everybody to still enjoy. The shop is popular with everyone, from the oldest to the youngest, contented shoppers have been continuing to flock to the Sweet Jar to buy the sweets they so fondly remem- ber from their childhood, as

well as capturing the younger generations tastes buds with a range of modern choices. Jo has unbeatable range of old fashioned sweets and im- pressive array of modern sweet treats too. If you pick, they’ll mix!

But there’s more to the

Sweet Jar than that. Jo has a reputation for her range of

party bags. If you are looking for treats and favours for wed- dings, catered events, parties, Jo will help you with all your enquiries in finding the right treats for you. And don’t forget if you are living with a sugar free diet Jo and the team can help satisfy your sweet tooth too, with her range of sugar free indulgences, so there’s no

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