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Can you shed some light on Elsie’s letter

Dear Wellington News, writes Mrs Elsie Mills (nee Powell) of Pool Meadow, Hadley, The enclosed letter is a copy of my brother’s let- ter, which has been mislaid for 40 years.

When I was visiting my brothers Joe and Mark Pow- ell last year in Australia the letter was given to me to see if anyone at GKN Sankeys could shed some light on it. Joe left England for Aus- tralia in 1970. He had lived at 86 Stanmore Drive Trench. Mark bought the house off Joe, so forwarded any mail. However! As Mark and his

wife Jean had plans to emi- grate themselves he decided that he would take the en- closed letter with them. It was out amongst pa-

perwork and then forgotten all about until last year. He, Joe, had worked at Sankeys during the ‘60s, leaving in 1970. He cannot remember what this suggestion might have been. I have been to GKN with no luck. They have no records going back that far. As your magazine is so popular I wondered if it would ring a bell with any of your readers?

Is there anyone still

around who may remember Joe Powell and this scheme, perhaps? Both Mark and Joe are doing very well in Aus- tralia and I am out to visit them again in February. (EDITOR Can anyone help Elsie? We know from past correspondence that some retired Sankeys work- ers have every copy of The Sphinx, the company maga- zine. Did they print the sug- gestions in The Sphinx? Or does anyone still have the records of the Suggestions Committee? Do please tell us what you know, our con- tact details are on page 2.)

Dear Editor, writes Brian Da- vidson, Two years ago you were kind enough to publish my letter requesting your readers to contact me if they had any interesting National Service stories which they

Mystery of the silver tray

In the early 1900s, writes Ann Ball, nee Owen, my grandparents the Clarkes, kept the lodging house on the High Street in Welling- ton. They had several chil- dren who used to help clean and look after the place. In 1911 one of the sons (Bill)

William decided to

emigrate to America. The family presented him with a silver tray. They all had their names engraved on it so he would have something to remember them by.

When Bill died in the late 1950s his wife Theresa sent the tray back to my mother’s house in King Street, where it took pride of place on the


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sideboard. It was polished ‘til it shone every week. My parents moved to Priory Close in the 1960s. Again it was on display. My mother Jessie Owen died in 1968 and a few years later my father Sid married again

and moved to Rosthwaite. The tray then vanished and has not been seen since. My brother Peter Owen and I have asked relatives if they have any idea what became of it. It is still a mys- tery. Does anyone out there

know anything about this silver tray, engraved with the Clarke family names? (EDI- TOR: If any fellow readers of Wellington News can help, please get in touch with the Wellington News via our contact details on page 2.)


would like including in my forthcoming book entitled ‘National Service Exploits.’ I had a good response from them and the book has now been published. It contains 121 stories and photos in 392 pages. It gives the ex- periences of 18 to 21-year old National Servicemen between 1945 and 1963, involving 30 Regiments in 30 countries in all three Ser-

Industries in Wellington

George Evans wrote an interesting piece for Wel- lington News about the many varied manufactur- ing industries that Wellington was once famed for. Some he touched on were car bodies, tractor cabs, breweries, foundries, Bell foundries and en- gineering works. Did you or your ancestors work in a Wellington industrial concern? Or were they an owner? Do you have any photographs? If so, please write to us via the usual address or send us an email via We’d be pleased to hear from you.

vices. Some of the stories are humorous, some dra- matic, but all very readable, and the book is selling at £15.95, which includes post- age and packaging.It can be obtained from me at bfdavi- or tel. 01642 274261. Thank you. Brian Davi- son, 19 Kirkdale Way, Ack- lam Hall, Middlesbrough. TS5 7JS.

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