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Another of our regular cor- respondents, John Saun- ders, writes to us this month. John is an old friend of Dave Gregory, our editor. He spends most of his days travelling through Europe and has occasionally writ- ten about his days on the footplates of old steam en- gines in Wellington. On this occasion John is searching for a family to help out in a project. He writes. Dear David, I hope my letter finds you and your readers well, I wonder if you could, through Wellington News, help.

One of my friends in Italy has a daughter, Gaia, who is attending third form of the Lecce Classical Grammar School and amongst other

subjects she is studying Latin, Greek, English and French and is one of the top students in her class. I wonder if any Welling- ton News readers, prefer- ably with a daughter of a similar age to Gaia, who will be 17 next summer who would be interested in ac- commodating her either on an exchange basis or for payment for at least a month, possibly longer. The schools in Italy break up for the summer much earlier than in Eng- land. She would be avail- able to come to England at the beginning of June and hopefully be able to take part in some lessons at a local school. Gaia has been attending

Hadley dances

Another reader (who did not give her name) has phoned in to The Wellington News regarding the existence of a ballroom on the site of the Manor School, Had- ley. She said: I am 85 years of age and born and bred in Hadley. The lady who re- membered dancing there was right. I think Mr Bennett must have forgotten about the gymnasium building that was behind Sunningdale. There were some dances held there, but it wasn’t a ballroom, as such. It was easier to see the building from Waterloo Road than it was from Sunningdale. I am 99% certain I am right on this!

News editor

classical dance schools for nine years. She is a serious girl, and her hobbies are reading, all sorts of books and watching films and she also follows


affairs, As for sports, she regularly goes to a gym- nasium and in the summer months goes swimming in the sea which is only a few miles away from her house. The family bungalow is situated on their campsite four miles from Lecce and only fifteen minutes by bus. It would be preferable if possible for an exchange and the English girl could come over here when Eng- lish schools close for the summer recess.

As you can see from the

map of southeast Italy, the province of Lecce is situ- ated opposite Albania and just north of Corfu, with scores of miles of coastline. The peninsula has a sandy coastline and on the west-

ern Ionian Sea there is just one splendid beach after another right round the bay of Taranto. Not far from here are the famous trulli houses and near them the gigantic grot- toes of Castellana. There are several castles with aris- tocratic families still living in them. In Lecce there are private swimming baths and nu- merous cinemas and sev- eral theatres. There are two large shopping centres just outside of Lecce and the Italian State Tourist Office. Twenty five miles away lies Brindisi, is the end of the Appian Way with one of its columns still standing there at the top of the enormous flight of stone steps. If one of your readers is interested, I have enclosed a stamp addressed enve- lope to enable any families to speak to Gaia’s family. If the weather in Ger-


many has lost its icy grip by the end of April and I have no compelling reason to stay on here, I hope to depart in May and return to Germany and to con- tinue attending classes to further my knowledge and proficiency in German, and to arrive in England about the beginning of August. I will then return to Ger- many at the end of August, however I will be in regular contact with my sister in St George’s and with the mobile telephone systems in Germany it is very con- venient and inexpensive to maintain

with England and around Europe.

Ed. Thanks John, please send us more news of your travels. If any of our readers are interested in this stu- dent exchange, our editor has John’s details and sae. Please contact us at our Wellington address.

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