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F.S.L Jones Television Ltd Celebrating 35 year Anniversary...


• Televisions • Hard Drive Recorders (Freeview & HD)

• High Defi nition Blu- Ray DVD Players

Latest WE ALSO:

• Fit TV Aerials • Check your signal • Fit Multi room TV points

high defi nition Products from your local HD Specialist

• Need to see it at home before you buy? Not sure what size you want or what model? We can bring a range of products to your home to see which suits your needs best.

• Fit TV’s to the wall We give extended TV warranty, ensuring extra peace of mind for our customers.

A friendly, personal service that you deserve!

Call Frank Jones on 01952 618975

Give Frank a call…

If you get a TV set from F S L Jones, you won’t have to worry. Because not only do F S L Jones have over 35 years experience, they also talk human, so you’ll under- stand what they are telling you. Worried you might not remember how to operate your new device? No need to worry, as Frank Jones ‘holds your hand’ through- out the installation process. Still worried? Frank has a special, single-sheet

where’s the saving in that?” He added:

“But if you “ordi-

nary folk’s guide” to every piece of equipment he sells. Why does Frank do this? “I hate waste,” explained Frank. If someone buys something from me, I want them to get the best out of it; otherwise I think it’s a waste of their money!” Frank went on to point out so-called supermarket or big dealer bargains often cost more money in the long term. “You can buy a TV really cheaply from a super- market, but they often only last 18 months. They can’t be economically repaired, so you’ll need to replace it. So

buy from me I can dem- onstrate different models in your home and answer your questions. There’s none of that buy it in a sealed box, get it home and trying to set it up yourself. I do all that for you.” F S L Jones combines the latest in home entertainment technology with some prop- er old fashioned customer service. “I’m probably the

Shropshire churches are in- vited to a day to help them prepare for their engage- ment with this year’s Olym- pic and Paralympic Games. The day, which offers a choice of eleven work- shops, is organised by More Than Gold, the charity that helps churches serve their communities and in- ternational visitors through the Games. More Than Gold’s UK

director, Jon Burns, says, “With Shropshire hosting

the latest

last of my kind locally,” he said. “There were a number of firms that prided them- selves in offering the type of personal, hands-on service I offer, but they’ve all fallen by the wayside, now. I think I’m probably the last one left.” Don’t know the difference between HD, HD Ready and Full HD? Take it easy, with Frank’s help, you don’t need to! For

in TVs,

recording devices, aerials, etc., give Frank a call.

Ready for 2012

the Olympic Torch we want to help churches play their part. Not just for the Torch Relay but for the Games themselves”.

The regional training

day, called ‘Get Set’, is from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Sat- urday 10th March at Our Lady and St Chad’s School, Old Fallings Lane, Wolver- hampton. It’s one of a series of 17 ‘Get Set’ days in the UK. It costs £10 per person. Register at morethangold.


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