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School consultation

TWC is launching a consulta- tion on creating a special- ist school for children with autism and emotional and behavioural development needs at the existing Jigsaw School.

The results of the consul-

tation would be taken to a cabinet meeting prior to fur- ther consideration of a final option for the school’s future.

A report to a recent cabi- net meeting said current spe- cial education provision for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and children with complex emotional, behavioural and social difficulties doesn’t meet present need.

This results in a number of

high cost external education placements outside Telford and Wrekin and the new pro-


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posals aim to address these issues.

Current figures have shown that the largest group of children and young peo- ple in external placements were those with either Au- tistic Spectrum Disorders or Behavioural, Emotional and Social Development needs. The conclusion from this is that this group could form a specialist school operating from the Jigsaw School site. If this is approved, a period of transition will need to take place with changes being implemented over a number of years.

The benefits of this would include the needs of this spe- cific group being addressed, the council would realise financial savings by reduc- ing the amount of external placements and journey times would be reduced for children and young people and their families.

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Direct service to London - it’s in your own hands!

Abellio and Keolis.

The DoT intend starting the new franchise service on December 9 2012, and run till March 31 2026 so the next few months are vital to Telford getting back its direct link to London and travellers, councils and businesses in the Telford area are urged to write to the four prospective franchise companies with requests for a direct service to London that stops at Wel- lington and Telford.

The four companies are

due submit their bids to the DoT by May 1 2012 and the bids will give an indication of the complexity of service these companies are pre- pared to provide. If a direct service from Wellington and Telford to London does not appear on their bids then it is very unlikely that the direct service will be restored in the lifetime of the contract (ie March 2026!)

The InterCity West Coast franchise provides a service from London’s Euston Sta- tion

to Glasgow and Ed- inburgh and takes a north Wales spur and as far east as Manchester and Stoke- on-Trent. As such, the four companies will be lobbied by many areas and therefore it is essential that Welling- ton and Telford put a good and consistent case for the direct link to London to be restored.

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Editor Dave Gregory has looked at the DoT Briefing and a service could be restored by Christmas this year but we will have to lobby hard for it.

and Shropshire service will appreciate what a tre- mendous benefit the direct service offers. I made the journey many times both as a business traveller and a weekend leisure passenger. The service was at times oversubscribed and dem- onstrates that any of the four prospective franchises would be foolish not to in- clude the service in their bid- ding prospectus.


Contact: Jamie Burles Email: jamie.burless@

Address: Second Floor, 1 Ely Place, London EC1N 6RY

First Group

Contact: Hugh Clancy Email: hugh.clancy@ Address: Third Floor, E Block, MacMillan House, Paddington, London W2 6FG

Wellington News urges all businesses and individuals to write to the prospective franchise

operators service


ing their individual reasons (business and pleasure) for including a direct

from Wellington and Telford in their bidding prospectus and we have provided the names and contacts of all four of the companies. You will need to send your com- ments to all four companies.


Contact: Alistair Gordon Email: Address: Northumberland House, 303-306 High Holborn, London WC1V 7JZ

Virgin Trains

Contact: Paul Furze-Waddock Email PFW@ Address: North Wing Offices, Euston Station, London NW1 2DS

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