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Hero of the Plate recalled

j Cdre Chris Craig (HMS Drake) hands over the keys of the new Bull Point gymnasium to PORT Alfie Alford of HMS Defiance.

Bull Point gym paves the way

sport and leisure for naval personnel ashore and afloat. Within easy walking distance

of ships in the Naval Base and the 2,500 bed accommodation complex at HMS Drake, it will soon be made more accessible lo ships via a pathway down to Weston Mill Lake Jetty.

old Health Centre in Frobisher Block — open 24 hours a day and boasting 18 single station exercise units, a sauna and solarium — the gym will be fol- lowed in turn by a £2'/4m Physi- cal Training and Recreation Centre to be built in the Drake Playing Fields area.


two more gymnasium areas and three squash courts. Replacing the old all-wealher pitch Ihere will be a new floodlit artificial lurf playing surface, an im- proved grass soccer pitch, more hard tennis courts and a tarmac kickabout area.

This sports hall will house

be laid out on reclaimed land at Weston Mill Lake.

New sports pitches will also Following on from the year- Devonport's new gymnasium at Bull Point is a key step in an ambitious scheme to expand

Onslaught gets a taste of the Blyth spirit

tertained to a civic reception by the Mayor and were also hosted by the Rotary Club. Police, Fire

I aIn if YF

of Onslaught were arranged for schools, members of the Sub- marine Old Comrades Associa- tion, and personal guests of the ship's company. The submarineers were en-

cise the Onslaught, command- ed by Lieut.-Cdr. John Totten- ham, embarked the Mayor of Blylh. Mr. Ted Breadm, for the passage from Rosyth to Blyth. During the visit guided tours

THE crew of the 27-year-old diesel-electric submarine HMS Onslaught enjoyed a five-day visit to Blyth, the boat's affi- liated town. At the end of a NATO exer-

Brigade and the Harbour Commissioners. Cheques presented by the Onslaught lo local charities in- cluded £150 for the RNLL £150 for Blyth Community Hosphal and more lhan £200 for the Mayoress's Charity

Fund. Local sports competilion was

too good for the crew, who lost to the Police football and Blyth

due for her last refil in the summer.

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Rugby Clubs, The veteran submarine is


The former RFA Appleleaf — now the Royal Australian Navy's destroyer tender HMAS Westralia — sailed for her new home down under to take over from HMAS Stalwart, which was decommissioned and put up for sale last month. During her last cruise the flagship of the RAN paid calls at Singapore, Indonesia and

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New faces Down Under New Caledonia before paying off at Sydney.

• Her CO, Captain Michael Dunne RAN — who commanded the submarine HMS Fin- whale in the late 1970s — is seen on the bridge with his Navigating Officer, Lieut.-Cdr. Jonathan Marshall RN, who is in turn doing a tour Down Under.

versary of the Battle of the River Plate, a party of offi- cers and junior rates from HMS Exeter, with the ship's helicopter, visited Milford Haven Comprehen- sive School, which has links with the ship. The visit was to com- memorate a former pupil, Able Seaman W. G. A, Gwilliams whose heroic action aboard the cruiser HMS Exeter during the bat- tle won him the Conspicu- ous Gallantry Medal. He was 19 years old. The occasion also afforded the opportunity to unveil Exeter memorabilia in the school, in particular a facsimile of the Western Telegraph featuring Pupil 219: Naval Hero Gwilliams. Afterwards the crew of the Lynx helicopter delighted pupils with a flying demon- stration.

To mark the 50th anni-

THE ROYAL Navy has taken delivery of the last MRS3/ GWS22 gun director system to leave the British Aerospace Systems plant at Plymouth.

Last of along line of gun directors

ment started as long ago as 1948 when design work started on the MRS3 system which was fitted throughout the Fleet to control 4.5 inch guns. Sixty sys- tems were produced. In 1959 work began on a modified version, designated GWS22, to control Seacat mis- siles, and 50 systems were built to this standard. The year 1962 saw a major redevelopment of the basic di- rector and a further 40 units were built. Later, in the 1970's, a re-engineering programme was started and the work trans- ferred from Bracknell

British Aerospace involve-

Plymouth. Todav, MRS3 and GWS22


systems are also in service with the Australian, New Zealand, Indian, Pakistan, Chilean and Peruvian navies.

they were extensively used to control Seacat and for the naval bombardment of Port Stanley.

Flying visit

Forces, Mr. Archie Hamilton, visited HMS Gannet, the RN air station at Prestwick Airport. His flying visit included a sta- tion presentation and a lour of the base and its facilities.

The Minister for the Armed During the Falklands war



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