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March 2012 • Vol. 17, No. 3

The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber Air Services Committee announced the successful recruitment of a low-fare carrier to the community at a press conference held Feb. 21 at the Bis- marck Airport. The committee led the initiative to attract Frontier Airlines, who committed to Bismarck services through a press release on Feb. 20. “We’ve recognized the need for

Public/Private Push Leads to Low-fare Carrier Commitment

Flooded with Decisions: City and county planners discuss post-lood development

more aff ordable air services and have worked tirelessly to attract an airline that will accommodate the travel needs of local residents,” shared Air Services Committee Chairwoman Cheryl Fen- ster. “Our success in attracting Frontier Airlines is a direct result of our ability to bring together public and private support.”

The Chamber led the charge to assemble an incentive package that appealed to Frontier Airlines. More than $300,000 of travel commitments was secured from 35 businesses and individuals to ill a travel bank, representing support from the private sector. The City of Bismarck pledged an additional $200,000 in revenue guar- antees demonstrating public support. “This is another outstanding exam- ple of the things that can happen when we work together,” said Bismarck-Man- dan Chamber President Kelvin Hullet of the public/private initiative that resulted in Frontier Airlines service to Bismarck. “In today’s competitive environment, it is important that the community tap into all resources, from within and outside of City government, to attract, retain and develop business.” “Community support packages are

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Burleigh County Commissioner Doug Schonert says various entities are working together to implement and pay for lood protection.

By Kylie Blanchard, Clearwater Com- munications

The 2011 lood impacted almost

every facet of the Bismarck-Mandan community and its surrounding areas. Today, it continues to have an impact on the decisions made by city and county planners as they consider the future of the community in terms of infrastructure, construction, develop- ment and lood protection. “There was a need to quickly develop plans in the city and county on how best to protect the community from fu- ture lood events,” says Carl Hokenstad, AICP, director of the City of Bismarck Community Development Department and the contracted planning services for Burleigh County. “Some of those

plans are substantially completed and future development will need to con- form to the recommendations of those plans. Further development in lood- plain areas will be strictly regulated ac- cording to the latest studies and FEMA recommendations.” He says both the City of Bismarck and Burleigh County are currently working on lood protection plans. “The County has approved a plan for lood protection measures and the City has contracted with an engineering consulting irm to complete a lood protection plan for Bismarck,” says Hokenstad. An updated loodplain ordinance also is currently being considered by the Burleigh County Planning Com-

mission and, if passed, would align with Bismarck’s loodplain ordinance. A public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for March 14. This is an important step in providing the best protection for the areas of both the city and county impacted by looding, adds Hokenstad. “The ordinance would include language from the most recent FEMA model ordinance and would require structures to be built to two feet above the loodplain level, an increase of one foot over current requirements,” he notes.

A $30 million Burleigh County Flood Protection plan was recently approved by the County’s Commission and includes 39 projects varying from

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