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Child’s name: Elizabeth Bessette of Longwood Child’s age: 6 Location: Home Party planner: Ellen Bessette Events (

If you’ve considered having a sleepover but didn’t want to actually endure the “sleepover” part (aka a parent all-nighter), the Almost Sleepover Party is the way to go. For this event, the girls come to the party in their pj's and pretend to have a slumber party. The brilliance: They go home around 9 p.m.!

Design inspiration:

My daughter saw the cake online at, and we centered her birthday celebration around that design. Everything was pink, girly and blinged out.

Activities: Every girl needs a "Do Not Disturb" door hanger so she can get her beauty sleep. We made our hanger using glitter glue and foamies. Jewelry is a must as well, so the girls created their own bling using pink and white crystal beads to make bracelets. Supplies for both crafts were purchased from Michael’s. When it was time to get beautifi ed, we had a "beauty bar" with nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss, tiaras and necklaces set up on a nightstand. After everyone was a princess, the young divas danced the night away to Wii Dance Party 2. However, the pillow fi ght was the most popular activity, of course.

Project tips: The DIY centerpieces from Blumeboxes ( and party printables from Frog Prince Paperie ( not only turned out super cute, but also were easy to create. The dessert table was dressed up using the party printables. Food labels glorifi ed the goodies, cupcake wrappers dressed up simple sweets, bottled water turned from ordinary to extraordinary, and snack boxes graciously hosted chocolate-covered pretzels and green apple-fl avored popcorn from Kernel Encore ( The backdrop for the dessert table was made using "pomettes" from Pom Flair (www.pomfl, and I perked up the entrance to the party with pink feather wreaths on my front doors. These were ridiculously easy to do. Simply buy plastic foam wreaths from Michael’s, and wrap feather boas around them. Voila! Dress up plain chairs with tulle or ribbon. And tie your fl atware with coordinating ribbon. Now you’ve got the girliest almost sleepover you can nearly dream up!

Favorite Things: The décor was straight out of my daughters' rooms, really setting that sleepover tone. Their beds were the tables, the nightstand was the beauty bar, and their dresser was the dessert table. I had personalized pillowcases created as party favors ( that doubled as place cards. I rolled them up, tied ribbon around them, and put them on top of their place settings so the girls knew where to sit and then had a fun take-home party favor. The bedding I found matched the party theme, adding the perfect fi nishing touches.

I found it at Target, and it included sheets,

a pillowcase and a hot pink blanket. Cost: $300

PLAYGROUND's alternate location suggestion: If you want to take this party away from home, rent a room for a night at one of the beautiful Disney hotels (may we suggest Disney’s new Royal Rooms?). When the party leaves that evening, crash in luxury for your own mini staycation with your birthday princess!

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